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GigaCenter and Mesh Satellites

Extend Your Wi-Fi Signal – GigaCenter and Mesh Satellites

The Calix GigaCenter is a residential Wi-Fi gateway connecting your devices – laptops, smart phones, tablets and more – to the Internet using the latest Wi-Fi technology, delivering faster speeds. You can also “hard wire” to the GigaCenter with its four Ethernet ports.The GigaCenter provides access into your home network to help our technicians troubleshoot any Internet issues. Most of these issues can be resolved remotely and if not, there will be no cost to you for an on-site call. If you’re still not getting a good Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, your Wi-Fi signal could be downgraded by your neighbors router or even your household appliances. Many times, if you live in a larger home, it may be too large for the GigaCenter to completely cover.

That’s where the Calix804 Mesh satellite unit comes in! The Calix 804Mesh satellite unit, connects to the GigaCenter and provides extended Wi-Fi coverage. Unlike Wi-Fi extenders or Mesh Wi-Fi systems that you might purchase from a local electronics retailer, the 804Mesh enlarges your existing network. Simply install one (or more) satellite unit(s) in strategic locations in your home and you will receive a strong signal and optimum performance everywhere.

Save your money at the big box stores on routers and extenders by RENTING a GigaCenter for $6.95 a month through NNTC. Rent the Calix804 Mesh satellite unit for just $3.95 a month.
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