Spot a Phishing Email

Not sure if an email is a spoof?

Always look for the tell-tale signs!

  1. Is the email ADDRESS from a reputable source? Don’t just look at the “FROM”, look at the actual email address.
  2. If the email is coming from a business and not using the proper business name, it might not be legit.
  3. If the sender is asking you to click a link to update account information or claim a prize, CALL THE COMPANY to verify they sent the email.
  4. If the vocabulary and grammar seem to off, this is a sign the email is not legit.
  5. A company logo can be stolen off the internet, don’t assume a logo means it’s okay.
  6. Most importantly, go with your gut. If it seems off, it probably is. DELETE!

See a Phishing Email Example Below: