Capital Credits / NNTC Co-op

How it works

Capital Credits – Who is eligible?

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company customers are eligible to become members of our cooperative, including former Clarks Telecommunications Company customers.

CenCom is a subsidiary corporation of Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company. Customers of CenCom are not eligible to join the cooperative at this time.

Capital Credit Q & A

Who do I contact with questions about Capital Credits?

Contact the business office by calling 888.397.4321 during normal business hours (M-F, 8 am – 5 pm) or emailing

What are capital credits?

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company is a cooperative, and as a customer you are a member of the cooperative after your membership paperwork is filled out, submitted and approved. The members are allocated the profits of the company each year based on the amount of your patronage for that given year. Capital credits are a significant source of equity for most cooperatives and finance growth and expansion, construction projects, operating requirements, and debt retirement obligations.  Joining the NNTC cooperative does NOT cost anything beyond what you already pay for services.

What is the difference between allocation and distribution?

Allocation is the money added to the capital credit account of customers having active services for a specific year. Allocations generally occur in August and are printed on your September bill for current customers. Distribution is the Board approved payout for a portion or percentage of the allocated capital credits to members and is paid typically in November or December.

Why do allocation amounts vary?

The allocation amount is determined by company profits, which change every year. The allocation is also a direct reflection of the amount you paid for services.

Are capital credit accounts paid out in full when a member moves out of the service area?

No. Complete estate payment occurs only upon the member’s death or through the board approved distribution process. As payment of capital credits continue annually they require a current address, keep Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company informed if you move out of the service area.

What is the policy for returning capital credits to the member once earned?

Capital Credits cannot be cashed in or retired immediately after allocation; they are returned through distribution as financial conditions allow.

How are yearly distribution payments made?

Upon approval of the Board of Directors, qualifying distribution payments of members (including past or present members) service accounts are paid by check.  If a member’s account is past due, those capital credits are first applied to the account.

What happens in case of death?

A representative of the deceased member should fill out the Application for Capital Credits Payment for Deceased Member Form and then contact the business office. For single membership, capital credits are payable to the estate at the time of member death.

How long does it take for payment of an estate?

Once all required documents are received and the Board has approved payout, estate payments are usually processed within 45 days.

What happens if a business dissolves?

Depending on the type of business, and upon Board approval, capital credits can be paid. The member/owner should fill out and mail the Application for Payment of Capital Credits for business owners and submit the proper paperwork stated on the form.

What happens in case of divorce?

Checks are made payable to the person whose name is on the membership account, regardless of who pays the bill.   Joint memberships are split 50/50, unless documented divorce paperwork is submitted.  Members must notify Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company and provide supporting documentation on how to divide the capital credits.

What happens in case of marriage?

If a name change is required due to marriage, please contact the business office.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

When former customers move from the area and do not leave a forwarding address, capital credit distributions are often returned as undeliverable.  Please take the time to see if you are owed outstanding capital credits!

Enter your last name or business name in the “Search” field below to search for any un-cashed capital credit checks. If you are not in the list, you may use the contact form below.

Customer Name
A Freier
A R Kampa Repair & Servic
Aaron Bensen
Aaron Bieber
Aaron Parks
Ace Dexter
Adam Jensen
Adam Marx
Adolph Nemec
Adrian Burns
Agland Co-Op
Agnes Neuvirth
Alan Foote
Alan Hermsen
Alan Jensen
Alan Steinmetz
Alan Traxler
Alan Van Houten
Alan Weeces
Albert Hofeldt
Albert Nau
Aldo Woodhull
Alejandro Godin
Alfred E Peterson
Alfred Janke
Alfred Kaczor
Alfred Stec
Aliant Cellular
Alice Funk
Alice Kutilek
Alice Wonka
Allan Baird
Allen Bacon
Allen Barta
Allen McFarling
Allen Morse
Allen Terrell
Allison Brodersen
Allstate Insurance
Alltel Communications Inc
Alphonse Liewer
Alva Parks
Alvin Carlson
Amanda Hawkins
Amanda Petersen
Amanda Rehan
Amber Hollenbeck
Amber Waln
Amy Cadwallader
Amy F Freeman
Amy H Houfek
Amy Kelley
Amy Logue
Amy McRoberts
Amy Puffer
Ana Crispin
Andrew Or Meggan Booth
Andrew Swanson
Andy Lutt
Angel Maldonado
Angel McDonald
Angela Donley
Angela Lockwood
Angela Mahurin
Angela Olveda
Angela Rasmussen
Angie Ketelsen
Angie Mackling
Angie Or Seth Laura Fisc Lecy
Angie Prochaska
Angie Sachau Ketelsen
Angie Schlieker
Anita Benjamin
Ann Schnerre
Ann Woita
Anne (Rickett) Isom
Anne Echtinaw
Anne Sachtjen
Anne Smith
Anthony Leclair
Anthony M Vitch
Anthony Tedmon
Anthony Thompson
Anton J Bromm
April Atkinson
April George
April Hanson
April McLain
April Reinke
April Robinson
Araceli Moran
Archie Shipp
Ardis M Pansegrau
Arlene Harris
Arnnie Robinson
Arnold Kaup
Art Genereux
Art Hinrichs
Art Jensen
Art Reiser
Arthur Burge III
Artie Akins
Ashley Beltz
Ashley Hawke
Ashley Schild
Ashley Snodgrass
Aspen Kaup
August F Schuman
Austin Gould
Auto House
Autumn Or Shane Hughes
B & L Lanes
Barbara Bursell
Barbara Day
Barbara Delong
Barbara Gambs
Barbara Hoyt
Barbara Phillips
Barbara Van Cleave
Bart Gunderson
Barton Ramsey
Bassett Feeding Inc
Beau Messersmith
Beauty Shop Eileen''s
Beaver Valley Irrigation
Beckenhauer Const
Becky Nelson
Belik Produce
Ben Eaton
Ben Schumacher
Benjamin Root
Benjy Musil
Bennie Dvorak
Bernice J Greschke
Berry Fox
Bertha Nagel
Beth Graham
Beth Malone
Beth Vogel
Bethany (Dittman) Childers
Betty J Carlson
Betty Kellogg
Betty Loock
Betty Reeves
Betty Strelow
Beverly Cadwallader
Beverly Sweney
Bill Adams
Bill Burris
Bill Debolt
Bill Hanson
Bill Hubert
Bill Jr Giddings
Bill Kuester
Bill Or Jill Meusch
Bill Rytych
Billie Doe
Billy Hammock
Billy Lewis
Blayne Barrs
Bob Campbell
Bob Mayfield
Bob Monteith
Bob Oshel
Bob Privett
Bobbi Dearmont
Bobbi Jo Johnson
Bobbi Or Brian Hrdlicka
Bobbie Soukup
Bobby Bates
Bobby Robinson
Bonnie Hansen
Bonnie Rohan
Bonnie Scheinost
Boyd Ellis
Brad & Michele McCreary
Brad Bailey
Brad Chase
Brad Hageman
Brad McKeever
Brad Stewart
Brad Thomas
Brad Witte
Brad Worm
Bradley Engle
Bradley Koehn
Bradly Hall
Brandee Legate
Brandon Thompson
Breana Brennan-Marlett
Brenda N Crouse
Brenda Timms
Brenna Heinemann
Brent Fitzke
Brent Markvicka
Brent Pick
Brian Corey
Brian Davis
Brian Johnson
Brian Kratky
Brian L Hansen
Brian Miller
Brian Obst
Brian Or Maggie Turpitt
Brian Or Nichi Montgomery
Brian Rollins
Brian Sullivan
Brian Uhing
Bridget Hansen
Bridget Sukup
Brittannie Fox
Broadway Lounge & Steakhouse
Brock Songer
Bros Day
Brothers Lembke
Brower Const Co
Brown Construction
Bruce Gates
Bruce L Malcom
Bruce McCormick
Bruce Or June Theye
Bryan Anderson
Bryan Holloway
Bryan Smith
Bryce Henzler
Bryce Olsen
Bud Wilkinson
Burgess Memorial Hospital
Burlen Hank
Burt County Bridge
Burt Or Becky Whedon
Butte Livestock Market
Butte Post Office
C A Lueker
C Cayette
C Viterna
Calvin Tweedy
Cammie Schemmer
Camron McAllister
Candace Siebrandt
Candice Hansen
Caralita Grant
Cardinal Kid's Day Care
Carl G Gordan
Carl Or Julie Liles
Carl Palm
Carl Tienken
Carl Turner
Carmelita Mayorquin
Carol A Wortmann
Carol Irons
Carol R Schuster
Caroline M Rossi
Caroline Pheasant
Carolyn Paustian
Carrie Nelson
Carrie Schmitt
Carrie Spohn
Carroll Heydon
Cary Castle
Casey Armstrong
Cassandra Fish
Cassie Bolling
Catherine Rolfes
Cathy Hank
Cathy Masilko
Cecil Poynter
Cecil Rhodes
Center Catholic
Central States Lumber Mill Ron Walcek - Owner
Chad Funk
Chad Lewon
Chad Polkinghorn
Charlene Hallstrom
Charles B Kadavy
Charles Chick Curtright
Charles Decker
Charles Krenzer
Charles Miller
Charles R Hammonds
Charles Rethmeier
Charles Saunsoci
Charles Walker
Charles Wright
Charlie Sklenar
Charlotte Wobker
Chas Pecena
Chellie Finkral
Chellsey L Ratkovec
Cheri (Green) Pender
Cheri Daugherty
Cheryl Hartley
Cheryl L Lewon
Cheryl Neemann
Chester Hammon
Chester Marotz
Chris Apfel
Chris Coats
Chris Graham
Chris Juzenas
Chris Merryman
Chris Wiedenfeld
Chris Wiseley
Christie Or Micah Andersen
Christina Anderson
Christina Knight
Christina Miller
Christine Falconer
Christine Fittro
Christine Jacobsen
Christine Musgrave
Christine Olson
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Clark
Christopher Kidd
Christopher Lascala
Christopher Mann
Christopher Webb
Chuck Stevenson
Cinda Irons
Clarence Brockway
Clarence C Lewis
Clarence Krause
Clarence Wiese
Claudia Krenz
Clay Mueller
Clearwater Auction Store
Clearwater Lumber Inc
Clearwater Post Office & United States
Clem Disterhaupt Jr
Clement G Estat Murphy
Clementine Mitchell
Cleo Dome
Cliff Broyhill
Cliff Peel
Clifton Burris Estate
Cloie Hegge
Coash Inc.
Cobb Motors Inc
Coca Cola
Coca Cola Enterprises
Coca-Cola Enterprises
Cody Meyer
Coleridge Meat Processing
Community Of Christ
Connie Casey
Connie Cloyd
Connie Hays
Connie Hohenstein
Connie Long
Conrad L Logsdon
Consolidated Protection Services Inc
Constance Or Alma A Walter
Constructors Inc
Corey Or Michelle Anson
Corina Carlson
Corner Cafe
Corner Salon
Cory Raatz
Cory Wieseler
Country Media Inc
Cow Poke Eatery & Saloon
Craig James
Craig Knepper
Craig Larson
Cris Coover
Crystal Or Michael Pierce
Crystal Ryan
Curt Mathison
Curtis Bolling
Curtis Jewell
Curtis Morter
Curtiss Irish
Custom Swine Partners
Cynthia Stebbins
Cynthia Stokes
Cyril Sloup
Cyrstal Legate
D Grant Clark
D J Michaels
D J O Inc
D J Van Winkle
D K Cull
D L Robinson
Daisy Richardson
Dale A Swanson
Dale Dyer
Dale Feauto
Dale Gowler
Dale Krueger
Dale Manchester Jr
Dale Mapes Jr
Dale Michaelis
Dale Norton
Dalene Feak
Dallas Jensen
Dalton Land Co
Dan Bacon
Dan Clukey
Dan Garvin
Dan Hauptmann
Dan Krajicek
Dan Kubik
Dan Nolan
Dan Rothchild
Dan Shamburg
Dan Smutz
Dan Vitek
Dana Martin
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Dubbs
Daniel Forth
Daniel Herrington
Daniel Hoesing
Daniel Jaffe
Daniel Kell
Daniel Or Tana Clark Dean
Danielle Brown
Danielle Stanislav
Danny P Garvin
Danny Ray Huls
Dan's Closeout
Darby Vosler
Darcy Vonasek
Darleen G Heyne
Darolyn Johanson
Darrel Anderson
Darrell Keirnes
Darrell Olson
Darrell Or Amy Damme
Darren Fullmer
Darwin Or Vicki Garton
Daryl Beckwith
Daryl Biere
Daryl Nyberg
Dave Becker
Dave Dalton
Dave Evans
Dave Hartnett
Dave Sidak
David Abts
David Behnk
David C Sullivan
David Campbell
David Crawford
David F Johnson
David Green
David Hall
David Hames
David J Guntren
David Kage
David M Browder
David O'Neill
David Paulissian
David Robb
Dawn Breisch
Dawn Brown
Dawn Clark
Dawn Davis
Dawn McCuiston
Dean Arps
Dean Brittain
Dean Or Tanya Heydon
Dean Schultz
Dean Westerhaus
Deanna Dickens
Deb Doughtery
Debbie Teten
Debi Hampton
Deborah (Preston) Polacek
Deborah Nelson
Deborah Preston
Debra Eisley
Debra Fees
Debra Rief
Debra Segura
Decatur Maintenance Shop
Decatur Police Department
Deloris J Vlasak
Denise Cox
Denise Crofutt
Dennis Brodersen
Dennis Holmberg
Dennis Krantz
Dennis Kucera
Dennis McArdle
Dennis N Miller
Dennis Nemec
Dennis Norris
Dennis Person
Dennis Prock
Dennis Race
Dennis Statler
Dennis Witkowski
Derek Guthals
Destiny Schryack
Dewain H Wilcox
Diana Lay
Diana Ledesma
Diana Meckna
Diane Etherington
Diane Voboril
Diann Dowling
Dianna Richard
Dina Fendrich
Dinnie Lukken
Dion Miller
Divine Concrete Inc
Dolie Thompson
Don D Anderson
Don Heins
Don Hines
Don Slater
Don Stange
Don Weible
Dona Landanger
Donald A Kaup
Donald Ahlman
Donald G Light
Donald Harmeier
Donald R Claeys
Donita Givens
Donna Holmes
Donna Morgan
Donna Plugge
Donna Willers
Doris Ouelette
Dorothea Jefferson
Dorothy Keller
Dottie Kleinschmit
Double B Restaurant & Lounge
Doug Bliss
Doug Mueller
Doug Or Jan Asmus
Doug Oxley
Douglas D Grieser
Douglas G Moore Jr
Douglas Storm
Doyle Hattig
Dr Joel Gillespie
Duane H Johnson
Duane Klasna
Duane Kocian
Duane Thies
Dudley Or Glenn Curry Curry Jr
Durward Jr Vosler
Dustin Campbell
Dwayne Haeffner
Dwight H Hansen
E Adams
E E Fenton
E O Peters
E R Westerman
Earl Dye
Ed Devos
Ed Winton
Edgar A Sears Jr
Edith L Grant
Eduardo Or Oralia Chavez
Educational Fndtn-Foreign Stdy
Edward Booth
Edward Collins
Edward Irby
Edward Johnson
Edward Kirkpatrick
Edward Kuchera
Elaine Bartels
Elaine Schorn
Elayne Williams
Elba Barandica
Eldon Farrens
Eldon Warnke
Electra Hendren
Elise Chavez
Elizabeth Bock
Elizabeth Gormally
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Macrander
Elizabeth Sue Buckner
Elkhorn Const. Co.
Elkhorn Construction
Elkhorn Dairy Kaups
Ellen E Busch
Ellen L Pfeiffer
Ellis Electric Co
Elm Creek Dist #31 Dissolved
Elmer L Mach
Elmer Pacal
Elmer Sare
Elmer Smith
Elna Blevins
Emigdio Gomez
Emil Boock
Emil Novak
Emil Spicka
Emil Von Seggern
Emily Saunders
Emily Walker
Emma Holubar
Emma Svoboda
Emmett Connealy
Emory Graffis
Enrique Ramirez
Eppie Duncan
Eric Belles
Eric Christiansen
Eric Garber
Eric Hansen
Eric Johnson
Eric Mathison
Eric Olson
Eric Sorensen
Eric Teichmeier
Erica Linnemeyer
Erik J Jacobson
Erik Jackson
Erin Loontjer
Erma Semrad
Ernest A Jueden
Errol Huck
Ethel Hamm
Ethel Parshall
Eugene Person
Eugene Wedige
Eunice Diediker
Eunice Johnson
Evelyn Roth
Everett D Beckman
F Coleman
F J Clark Jr
Fae E Cole
Faith Lee
Farm Bureau Ins Claims
Fire # For Linwood
First Natl Bank Of Omaha
Flora Hughes
Florence L Rezac
Floyd Newburn
Food Service Of America
Forrest L Penny
Francis Butch E Anderson
Francis Dorcey
Francis Duffy
Francis Eltman
Francis H Church
Frank Fast
Frank J Koenig III
Frank M Nemec
Frank Main
Frank Vanderpool
Franklin Olsen
Fred Fundus
Fred Or Lorane Pozehl
Fred Whitbeck
Frontier Co-Op
Galen Pagel
Garry Mason
Gary Arandus
Gary Cerny
Gary Kucera
Gary Philbrick
Gary Weikel
Gaylene Osbahr
Gene Blazier
Gene Egr
Gene Fox
Gene Matthews
Gene Taylor
Genevieve Robinson
George Cooper Jr
George Haase
George Marks
George Martinson
George Taylor
Gerald McCabe
Gerald Mohr
Gerald Schrage
Gerry Ranslem
Gersain Sosa
Gina Grell
Gladys Henneman
Glen C Palmer
Glen Hubbard
Glen Miller
Glenda Becker
Glenn Albertson
Glenn E Or Delores A Hunter
Glenn Harmon
Glenn Kunz
Glenn Noe
Glenn R Field
Gloria Sedlacek
Golden Harvest Cafe & Diner
Gordon Chapman
Grace Hatley
Grant Clark
Grant Hurlbert
Great Plains Auto & Service
Greg Malnack
Greg Or Crystal Wilson
Greg Rawlings
Greg Sawyers
Greg Uhing
Greg Wiatt
Greg Woodard
Gregory Oslund
H L Hancock
Harlan Engel
Harlow Fujan
Harold Jr Hayes
Harold Lingle
Harry Babcock Jr
Harvey Krenzer
Hattie Snitily
Heath Cram
Heather Bagshaw
Heather Driscoll
Heather Hilton
Heather Mentzer
Hector Rodriguez
Helen Anderson
Helen Everrett
Helen Jean Nelson
Helga Garay
Henning Construction
Henry Machacek Jr
Henry Miller
Herbert J Sweet
Herman Tunink
Hilaria Kollars
Hilda Pelc
Hillary Schultz
Hog Shed
Holly Gorgen
Holmquist Elevator
Holz Chiropractic
Hormel's Hog-Buying St.
Howard Jake Est Zobrist
Howard Knox
Howard Mathers
Howard Or Kay Pelc
Hugh Rochford
I O O F Hall
Ida M Hank
Ida Maertins
Ida Rosales
Ignacio Delao
Ike Or Dustie Roth
Inez L Baade
Irene Graves
Irene Hohneke
Irene Lofdahl
Isaac Walker
Isom Ag
Israel Escobar
J A Sindelar
J C Conrad
J C Or Tabitha Goodner Dickau
J D Couch
J J McIntyre
J R Hill
J Ronald Hartnett
J Travis Long
J Williams
Jack B Mickel
Jack Hysell
Jacki Olson
Jackie Barg
Jackie Bartolozzi
Jackie Zimmerer
Jacky Wolf
Jacob Hopkins
Jacqueline Wyman
Jade Haken
Jade Schmidt
Jamelle Gappa
James A Klein
James Ball
James Brewster
James Brockway
James Clough
James Cochrane
James D Avery
James Deemer
James Dortch III
James E Woodward
James Eagleton
James Fitzimonds
James Forsberg
James Harrison
James Kerkman
James Lowther
James Mather
James McAllister
James Moos
James Pickinpaugh
James Sanchez
James Swett
James T Or Dana Brown
Jami Beldin
Jamie Carter
Jamie D Johnson
Jamie Or Doug Potts
Jamie Ryan
Jamy Medbourn
Jane Jacobsen
Jane Olson
Jane Rademacher
Janelle Heller
Janice M (Prohaska) Vanek
Janie M Fournier
Janine Or Jerald Jr Stewart
Jason Berg
Jason Brandt
Jason Daugherty
Jason Johnsen
Jason Mitchell
Jason Radford
Jason Rolfes
Jay Mathiason
Jean Pickell
Jeanette Couch
Jeanette Kubik
Jeanie Sage
Jeanie's Restaurant
Jeanine Becker
Jeanne Kavan
Jeannie Abbott
Jed Dearmont
Jedediah Uehling
Jeff A Thompson
Jeff Dier
Jeff Ellingson
Jeff Hays
Jeff Heine
Jeff House
Jeff Kennedy
Jeff Nelson
Jeff Or Dorothy Girard
Jeff Petersen
Jeff Shannon
Jeff Siebrandt
Jeffrey J Or Destiny D Kuhl
Jeffrey Thompson
Jen Or Tony Casu
Jennae Kester
Jennie Prohaska
Jennifer (Geneseo) Campbell
Jennifer Campbell-Geneseo
Jennifer Fuller
Jennifer Livingston
Jennifer Morter
Jennifer Petersen
Jennifer Reitz-Dahlkoetter
Jennifer Schulz
Jennifer Sudbeck
Jennifer Wise
Jenny French McManigal
Jenny Potter
Jerald Chapman
Jeramie Wegner
Jeremey Van Every
Jeremy Buskirk
Jeremy Chmelka
Jeremy Hanson
Jeremy Kral
Jeremy May
Jeremy Pelc
Jeremy Reynolds
Jeremy Slosser
Jeremy Sullivan
Jerome Thiele
Jeromy S Sanderfer
Jerri Dickes
Jerrrey Scott Holland
Jerry Jorgensen
Jerry Maryott
Jerry Or Kathy Russell
Jerry Pellan
Jerry Starks
Jerry Stork
Jerry Swahn
Jerry Yelli
Jesika Or Delno J Pinney
Jessica Vogt
Jessie E Neal
Jesus Alberto Rivera
Jewell Cutting
Jill Caslin
Jill Collins
Jill Klabenes
Jill L Koster
Jill Peterson
Jim Bose
Jim Feller
Jim Haden
Jim Jimerson
Jim Maddox
Jim Murphy
Jim Or Debbie Hobbs
Jim P Catron
Jim Peterson
Jim Selle
Jim Sharp
Jim Smith
Jim Wolfenden
Jimmie Johnson
Joan Sukup
Joann Heck
Joann McCullough
Joanna Hultquist
Joaquin A Vasquez
Jochem Trucking Inc
Jodi Antle
Jodi Foxworthy
Jodi L Gray
Jody Lamuel
Jody McCall
Joe Jansa Jr
Joe Mazzi
Joe Mitchell
Joe Schmaderer
Joe Shoeneman
Joedy Ladehoff
Joel B & Brenda Penny
Joel Blatchford
Joel Henrichs
Joey Weckar
John Beyard
John Brumberg
John C White-Hunt
John Crary
John D Conard
John Davis
John E Lesley
John E Orr
John Elsbury
John Howard Jr.
John Hraban
John Kirby
John Kneifl
John L Dearmont
John M Smith
John Magnuson
John Nadolski
John P Kantor
John Rentz
John Ringlein
John Rohan Farm
John Schoenrock
John Schreck
John Servine
John Swetson
John Uhing
John Yandell
Johnny Brooks
Jolyn Hillen
Jon Compton
Jon T Wiltgen
Jon Ulrich
Jonathan Clark
Jonelle Farris
Jones & Osterberg
Jordan Wickershan
Jorge Alberto Urbina
Joseph Churda
Joseph Fannon
Joseph Hobbs
Joseph O Palm
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wirges
Josh Or Nicole Dirks Rathburn
Joyce Deman
Joyce Webb
Juan Hernandez
Juan Lopez
Juanita Pelley
Juanita Richardson
Judith Anderson
Judith Farley
Judy Hakl
Judy Modlin
Judy Noecker
Judy Norris
Judy Post
Julie A Frost
Julie Goes Dvorak
Julie Or Chris Hilliker
Julie Smith
Julie Strathman
Junior Cook
Justene Provins
Justin A Dauel
Justin Bullis
Justin Dillon
Justin Jordan
Justin Or Keri Rahn
Justin Or Tabatha Peterson
Justina Sorensen
Jyller McCullough
K & S Auto Body &Tire
K Or F Coleman
K R Klein Builders
Kaci Hansen
Kadavy Masonry
Kadavy Masonry Shop
Kanytha Avery
Kara Yunker
Karen Davison
Karen Hrdlicka
Karen Johnson
Karen K Or James R Corkle
Karen Kamper
Karen Luebbers
Karl Mielke
Karl Nelson
Karla Beutler
Karla Carraher
Karon Benson
Kasey Strivens
Katherine A Buchner
Kathern (Hughes) Ragsdale
Kathie Merritt
Kathleen Frye
Kathleen Roeder
Kathleen Thacker
Kathlen Maier
Kathryn G Hibler
Kathryn Morrow
Kathy Dunlap
Kathy Zeitler
Kay Chelberg
Keith Downs
Keith Eyer
Keith Krantz
Kelli Holton
Kelli Murphy
Kelly Coberly
Kelly Dolezal
Kelly Kneifl
Kelly McConnell
Kelly Winter
Ken Day
Ken Rosewall
Kendall Paulsen
Kenneth A Schultz
Kenneth E Smith
Kenneth Elsasser
Kenneth Farrens
Kenneth Hyde
Kenneth Mitchell
Kenneth Rosewall
Kenneth Terry
Kenneth Widener
Kenneth Wilson
Kenneth Yarber
Ken's Addressing Supply Serv.
Kent Miles
Kerry Hanson
Kerry Larson
Kerry Schmanke
Kevin Calloway
Kevin Carlson
Kevin Claussen
Kevin Curtis
Kevin Henn
Kevin Kleinschmit
Kevin Or Stacey Clutter
Kevin Parker
Kevin S Hanson
Kevin Vyhlidal
Kevin Whitaker
Kevin White
Kim (Keuhl) Conway
Kim Calhoun
Kim G Thompson
Kim Hogan
Kim Hurlbert
Kim Kuehl
Kim Murphy
Kim Or Joseph Doenhoef Murphy
Kim Paulsen
Kimberly Kai
Kimberly Karch
Kimberly Or Larry Brader
Kimberly Young
Kobtown Kountry Kitchen
Kona Pollock
Kris Tompkins
Krisandra Klabenes
Kristen Nerem-Lowerny
Kristi Clark
Krystal Clure
Kurt Copeland
Kurt Lund
Kurtis Marotz
Kyle Hipke
Kyle L Tech
Kyle Lechtenberg
L Van Ampting
L Van Tollefson
Lacey Seyer
Lad L Cihal
Ladene L Hickey
Lana Hammer
Lane Anderson
Lariat Bar
Laroyce Cederburg
Larry & Mary Larsen
Larry Brader
Larry Collier
Larry Donley
Larry Farrell
Larry Ferdig
Larry G Benes
Larry Hutchings
Larry J Schulte
Larry Lange
Larry McConnell
Larry McKibbon
Larry Osterndorff
Larry Reeves
Larry Shenk
Larry Stark
Larry Williams
Lauer Limited LLC
Laura Coufal
Laura Hines
Laura Karmann
Laura Reinke
Lavern F Greunke
Lavern G Gross
Laverne Miller
Lawrence Anderson
Lawrence Puckett
Lawrence Sands
Layne Hass
Le Ann Stewart
Leanay Petersen
Leann Peers
Leann Tott
Leatha L Taylor
Lee Ann Scheer
Lee J Mohr
Lee Schinck
Leeann Jenkins
Leeanna Robinett
Legion Hall
Lena E Miller
Leo Johnson
Leo W Thomassen
Leo Wayne Sasser
Leon R Koch
Leona Martin
Leonard Eddy
Leonard Hartsock
Leonard Jacobsen
Leonard Kurtzhals Jr
Leonard L McMullin
Lepha Bojanski
Leroy Koeppen
Leroy Lund
Leroy McRoberts
Leroy Rubeck
Les Brummett
Lester Shaw
Leticia Sotelo
Levi Hall
Lewis Swett Val Barry
Lilian Figueroa
Lily M Shearer
Linda Bates
Linda Cantu
Linda Fertig
Linda Garner
Linda K Smith
Linda Schulzkup
Lisa Bechtloff
Lisa Hernandez
Lisa Jones
Lisa Limmer
Lisa Mayberry
Lisa Ortega
Lisa Trautman
Llan Nielsen
Lloyd Bostic
Lois Siminske
Lola Shamburg
Long Pine Feed & Grain & Inc
Lonnie Krugman
Lonnie Rezac
Lonnie Wewel
Loren Peters
Loren Sandman
Lorenzo Guzman Jr
Loretta Palensky
Lorey Anderson
Lori Freeman
Lori Frodsham
Lori Fuchser
Lori Statler
Lori Sue Walker
Lou Robinson
Louis Garcia
Louis Or Jessica Genereux
Louis Ramirez
Louis Stranik
Louise Wells
Lucas Handyman Service
Lucille Schroetlin
Luke C Goodon
Luke Drudik
Lyle Blevins
Lyle Seeman
Lyle Spilger
Lyle W Krugman
Lyle W Luber
Lynard Grant
Lynda Jennings
Lyndsey Smith
Lynn Bearrentine
Lynn Phillips
Lynn Williams
M B Connealy
M Hunt
M M Marion
M Pinkelman
M V "jack" Jordan
Mack R Rice
Mackenzie Warner
Madonna Bromander
Maggie Or Ryan Hoops
Makaila Carlson
Mandy McDowell
Marc Ahlers
Marcella Maurer
Marcella Wacker
Marcy Vyhlidal
Margaret Bernt
Margaret Gray
Marguerite McGowen
Maria A Garcia
Maria Delao
Maria Garcia
Maria Guy
Maria Sandoval
Marian E Daley
Marianne Hamilton
Marianne Willengorg
Marie Burcham
Marie Nelson
Marie's Corner Daycare
Mario I Hernandez
Marion Blecher
Mark Atwell
Mark Dinslage
Mark Dowling
Mark E Olson-Jones
Mark Haines
Mark Jordan
Mark Kuhn
Mark L Nelsen
Mark Liewer
Mark O''neill
Mark Or Tonya Nelson
Mark Retzlaff
Mark Stokes
Mark Tonniges
Mark Troupe
Mark Wolfe
Marla Bowman
Marlen French
Marlene H Hoch
Marshall Waller
Martha Bittner
Martha M Reiser
Martha Perez
Martin Pofahl
Martinsburg Community Hall
Marvin R Cherry
Marvin Stahlecker
Marvin Young
Mary Ann (Summers) Gross
Mary Ann Conway
Mary Callahan
Mary Frye
Mary Glasebrook
Mary Glenn
Mary Goeken
Mary Jo Connealy
Mary L Brader
Mary Masek
Mary Masloskie
Mary Risinger
Mary Schelkopf
Mary Zeleny
Matt Fite
Matt Koch
Matt Lorenzen
Matt Lundeen
Matt Or Tiffany Dowson
Matthew Hickman
Matthew Jonas
Matthew Jr Lyons
Matthew Or Robert Berner Myers
Matthew Wiedeman
Max Shelton
Megan Hughes
Megan Patterson
Melisa Jerred
Melissa Davis
Melissa Hofer
Melissa Nelson
Melissa Newburn
Melissa Or Brandon Ehlers
Melissa Pudans
Melissa Walls
Melva Beltran
Melvin J Baum
Merle Farrens
Merrily Wilkins
Michael Connealy
Michael Cox
Michael E Lewis
Michael Fritz
Michael G Kurtzhals
Michael G Nelson
Michael Hecker
Michael J Murphy
Michael Kinkade
Michael Kuhl
Michael Lathrop
Michael Mahler
Michael Mattison
Michael Nicksich
Michael Roth
Michael Socci
Michael Stark
Michael Surber Jr
Michael Thompson
Michael Vasa
Michael Walker
Michael Williams
Michall Hart
Michele McCreary
Michelle Frasier
Michelle Kohl
Michelle Kohring
Michelle Thramer
Miguel Flores
Miguel Hernandez
Mike Abbott
Mike Albenesius
Mike D Preston
Mike Dial
Mike Eifert
Mike F Conway
Mike Hoffer
Mike Hull
Mike Kennedy
Mike Kramer
Mike Krieger
Mike Mosel
Mike Muldoon
Mike Or Alizon Roth
Mike Or Carla Kreegar
Mike Wiiest
Mike Wood
Mike's Body Shop
Miki Huggins
Mildred Baker
Mildred Whitmore
Miles Bohac
Miller F & F
Miranda Deyo
Missy Luesebrink
Missy Walker
Misty Beck
Mitch Butterfield
Mitch Walker
Mitchell Fee
Moises A Estrada
Mollie Canfield
Monica Moreno
Monte (Dendinger) Tiernan
Monte Olsen
Mr G's
Mrs George Raver
Mrs Howard Ringer
Mrs James Wallace
Mrs Kenneth Hansen
Mrs L W Leapley
Mrs Richard Meusborn
Mrs. Clarence Hall
Mrs. Iva Alberts
Mrs. Leo Provancha
Mrs. Olav Pedersen
Mrs. Oliver Wolfe
Mrs. Valdean Dittman
Municipal Energy Agency
Municipal Energy Agency Of Ne
Museum Exhibit Company
Mychelle Leonard
N Coleman
N L Riffey
Nadyne Tharnish
Nancy Blecher
Nancy Egr
Nancy Gable Revocable Trust
Nancy Howard
Nancy Hughes
Nancy Vrba
Nanette Allen Halvorson
Naomi Hollmann
Natalie Kneifl
Natalie Taylor
Nathan Capron
Nathan Podliska
Natisha Cannon
Neal Todd
Nebraska Cellular
Nebraska Pork Partners
Neil Hipke Estate
Neva Grant
New Life Assembly
Newcastle Implement & Repair
Nicholas Maly
Nick Brandon
Nick Or Venus Campbell
Nicola Frail
Nicole Dulany
Nicole French
Nicole Gill
Nina Brotherton
Nm Farms
Nolan Delosh
Nolan Transportation LLC
Nona (Poynter) Wiles
Norma Hernandez
Norma J Penlerick
Norma Kelm
Norman Anderson
Norman Borders
Norman Bucholz
Norris Emry
North Central Nebraska & Home Health
North Star Farms
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins
Oberle's Market
Omaha Tribal Wic Program
Onie Ammon
Orleane Moore
Otho Kirk
Otto Meyer
Owen McCullough
P B Rees
Pam Krueger
Pam Rohde
Pam Wallace
Pamela Claussen
Parkside Manor
Pasqual Reyes
Pat Bring
Pat Pofahl
Patricia A Davis
Patricia Carrasco
Patricia H Smith
Patricia Harris
Patricia L Colburn
Patricia Olson
Patrick French
Patrick Gray
Patrick Or Mary McCarthy
Patrick Or Telaine Kester
Patti Barto
Patty Beatty
Patty Denton
Paul Bland
Paul Deacon
Paul Gothier
Paul M Anderson
Paul Or Joan Shaputis
Paul Osnower
Paul Palmer
Paul Sikora
Paul Utemark
Paula Or Robert Kuhl
Paula Yannone
Pauline's Beauty Shoppe
Peggy Mitchell
Peggy Sue Verzani
Penny Kunkel
Penny Skuya
Perri Farr
Perry Bruegman
Pete Horne Fax
Philip Carlson
Philip Merical
Pioneer Seed
Pk Leibhart
Polli Morton
Polly Carroll
Prague Quik Stop
Prairie Land Organic
Premium Pork
Price Consultants
Quality Maintenance Inc
Quarter Horse Assoc Of Nebr
Qwest Communications
R A Newcomer
R C Chapman
R Dasher
R H Hohenstein
R M Walz
R. Philip Haun
Rachel Benge
Rachel Jones
Rae Stahlecker
Rafael Rodriguez
Rainbow Irrigation
Ralph Kuhl
Ramona Goff
Ranae Frank
Randall J Woita
Randy Chmelka
Randy Cipriano
Randy Fischer
Randy Grell
Randy L Boden
Randy Meier
Randy Wheaton
Ray Fujan Farm
Ray Houseman
Ray M Engelhaupt
Ray Nemec Jr
Ray Or Leslie Vulue
Ray Porter
Ray Watkins
Raymond Bradish
Raymond Holderfield
Raymond Meduna
Raymond Or Leslie Boggs
Raymond Rielly
Raymond Wagman
Raymond Zwiener
Rebecca Ann Bodmer
Rebecca Bacon
Rebecca Bakker
Rebecca Piper
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Zach
Reggie Glisar
Renee Or Ricky Banks
Reuben F Pestal
Rev. Hal Smith
Rev. Rollin Olesen
Rex Larsen
Rex Zimmerline
Rhoda Clary
Rhonda Ellis
Rhonda L Robinson
Richard Benge
Richard C Evans
Richard C Lewis II
Richard C Strand
Richard Carr
Richard Francis
Richard Friesen
Richard Grabowski
Richard H Hoesing
Richard Keeley
Richard Klobucher
Richard L Bupp
Richard Nice
Richard Or Cynthia Armstrong
Richard Swartz
Richard T Ard
Richard Vernon
Richard W Pokorny
Richard Wrathell
Richelle L Wendt
Rick Engel
Rick Green
Rick Hobby
Rick Horne
Rick Joons
Rick Kissack
Rick L Kuester
Rick McCoy
Rick T Hurst
Rick Weber
Rick Wheeler
Rickie Stanfield
Ricky Mitchell
Rik Smith
Rita Sayers
Robbie Adams
Robert Adams
Robert C Garrison
Robert Chase
Robert Classen
Robert D Wacker
Robert Davis
Robert Duane Shelhamer
Robert Elwell
Robert Genereux
Robert Harrah
Robert Janke
Robert Johnson
Robert Lawler
Robert Loftis
Robert Long
Robert M Runge
Robert Morris
Robert Mosher
Robert N Mitchell
Robert Newton
Robert Or Doris Mueller
Robert Or Kathy Arehart
Robert Orris
Robert Ramirez
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Trutna
Roberta Boyle
Roberta Schoepf
Roberto Arroyo
Robin Haig
Robin Wells
Robyn Kapperman
Rockne McIntosh
Rod Anderson
Rod Moon
Rodney Howard
Rodney L Lindgren
Rodney Oligmueller
Roger Adams
Roger Bray
Roger Donaldson
Roger Fraley
Roger Heath
Roger L Gannaway
Roger Lichty
Roger Olberding
Roger Or Karen Hansen
Roger Scholz
Roger Williamsen
Roland Long
Roland Peterson
Ron Allen
Ron Barrs
Ron Dorn
Ron Steffen
Ronald Boswell
Ronald Cerny
Ronald Emmett
Ronald General Delivery Allen
Ronald Hames
Ronald Schaefer
Ronald W Servine
Rondi Sieburg
Ronnie Thompson
Rory Purucker
Rosalie Diedrichsen
Rose M Hirsch
Rosemarie Lafleur
Ross Clark
Roy King
Ruby Chavez
Ruby Rosales
Rudy Wallitsch
Rupert Smith
Russ Murray
Russ Worden
Russel Angus
Russell Claussen
Russell Hipke
Russell Koch
Rusty Or Kristie Young
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Buman
Ryan L Meyers
Ryan Liewer
Ryan Pickel
S A Mitchell
S Doris Ferguson
S Louie Willers
S. Christensen
Sally Schwartz
Salvador Zarate
Salvator Brindisi
Sam Vassar
Sam Welsch
Samantha O'Neill
Sammy Or Donna Ellis
Sandee Peterson
Sandhills Masonary
Sandra McArtor
Sandra O'Connor
Sandro Serna
Sandy McCauley
Sara Mobley
Sara Rice
Sarah Barnhart
Sarah Bell
Sarah Fernau
Sarah M Schmitz
Sarah Martin
Sarah Mundahl
Sarah Ober
Schneider Graphics
School Dist. #51
Schultz Farms
Schuyler Schmid
Scott Cole
Scott Hansen
Scott Hill
Scott Larsen
Scott M Steele
Scott Martinson
Scott McGowen
Scott Or Deborah Johnson
Scott Or Jill Johnson
Scott Robinson
Scott Smith
Scott Stabler
Scott Steele
Selma Allison
Selma Breslin
Senior Citizen Center
Seth Hansen
Setsu Marshall
Shane Bathke
Shannon Jacob
Shannon Roberts
Shannon Ryan
Shannon Tenborg
Shannon Warnick
Sharon Greenleaf
Sharon Prescott
Sharon Serven
Shaun Broyhill
Shawn Keltie
Shawn L Petrie
Shawn Leckenby
Shawn Patras
Sheila (Kasselder) Fleer
Sheila Donohoe
Sheila Griffith
Shelly Hefner
Shelly Palmer
Shelly Spencer
Sheri Johnson
Sheri Swanson
Sherry Jirovsky
Sherry Poppe
Shevaun Johnson
Shirley Howard
Shirley Teichmeier
Shirley Weedin
Sonja Bittick
Sonya Carlton
Sonya Jewell
Sonya Paxton
Sourcegas LLC
Spectrasite Communication
St Boniface Church
Stacey Birkley
Stacey Long
Stacey Maier
Stacey Manriquez
Stacy White
Staley Osborn
Stan Stallbaum
Stanley Schutt
Stephani Hunter
Stephanie Elznic
Stephanie Mills
Stephen Chatman Sr
Sterling Or Mary Schelkopf
Steve Bellender
Steve Flaming
Steve Grube
Steve Lovercheck
Steve Olsen
Steve Or Sue Rukas
Steve Swett
Steven Desantiago
Steven L Douglas
Steven McDermott
Steven Or Mary Kelly
Stevie Or Juli Harvey
Stryker Technologies
Surang Ruenprom
Susan (Zellers) Streter
Susan Case
Susan L Cihal
Susan Millar
Susan Miller
Susan Or Russell Holsing Blattner
Susan Stofferan
Susanna Flanagan
Suzan Johnson
Switzer Welding & Repair
Talona Or Jeff Twohig Greve
Tamara Or Charles Prince Sterling
Tami Gaughen
Tami Ruegge
Tammi L Nervig
Tammi L Vogel
Tammie John
Tammie Rodriguez
Tammy L Larson
Tammy Larson-Grupe
Tammy Lippold
Tammy Or David Conway
Tammy Weber
Tammy Whitbeck
Tanya Carrazco
Tanya Seevers
Te Magic Mirror
Tea Tchelidze
Ted Miller
USDA Boyd Co Fsa & Ocio-Its Usda
Usda Ascs-Holt Co Fsa Usda
Teresa Gerch Swan
Teresa Givens
Teresa Klug
Teresa Miller
Teresa Pippin
Teresa Stillman
Teresia Rauch
Teri Bykerk
Teri's Treasures
Terracon Environmental
Terree Graham
Terri Dahl
Terry Anderson
Terry Bauchal
Terry Friesz
Terry Hazard
Terry Kneifl
Terry Or Teresa Wooldridge
Terry Piper
Terry R Rudolf
Terry Sharron
The Corral Bar
The Philip Michael Company
The Shepherd's Chapel
The Water Hole
Thelma Franklin
Theodore Fundermann
Theodore Or Glenda Gilliland
Theresa Crook
Theron Shelton
Thomas Frahm
Thomas Hageman
Thomas J Harris
Threasa Gunderson
Tim Hangman
Tim McCluskey
Tim Or Stacey Masek
Tim Piper
Tim Schindler
Tim Sila
Tim Towne
Tim Williams
Timothy J Frana
Timothy Or Lori Thomas
Timothy Van Laningham
Tina (Hays) Bodlak
Tina Galindo
Tina Johnson
Tina Koch
Tina Soulliere
Tina Stanley
Tisha Vega
Tj Brew LLC & Ginger Shenk
Toby Currier
Todd Brennan
Todd Debuse
Todd Heninger
Todd Jessen
Todd Or Brenda Hunter
Todd Scott
Tom Hurst
Tom Machacek
Tom McNear
Tom Mimick
Tom Or Kamie Carmichael
Tom Or Marilyn Rastede
Tom R Wharff
Tom Torson
Tom Trail
Tony Costanzo
Tony Lockhart
Tony Nicholson
Tony Timmerman
Tony Welch
Tonya Or Justin Kelly
Tonya Petersen
Toot's Pizzaria & Arcade
Town & Country Cable TV
Town & Country Cable TV Tower
Town Or Country Cable TV
Tracey C Corkin
Tracey Reed
Tracey Rhoads
Tracie Rief
Tracy Hill
Tracy Or Dave Saeger Smock
Travis Ehlers
Travis Heller
Travis Mace
Travis Morrow
Travis Nickolite
Travis Pike
Travis Stacken
Travis Wiebelhaus
Trent Jansen
Trevor Roth
Trinity Lutheran Church
Trish Payton
Trisha Buss
Trisha Hytrek
Troy Eurek
Troy Hardy
Troy Larson
Troy Sturges
Tyler J Harpham
Tyler Russman
U S Cellular
Val D Fox
Vanguard Technologies Inc.
Verle Vogler
Verna Luber
Vernon Slaymaker
Veronica Burbach
Vic Hiatt
Vicki Boschee
Vickie Donohue
Victor Talavera
Victoria Lavely
Victoria Silvestre
Village Potter
Vivian L Anderson
Vivian Vanderlinden
Vonda Macklin
W B Stahl
Walter H Zastrow
Wanda O'Dell
Warren E Woodside
Wayne Shelbourn
Wayne Thompson
Wendell Isom
Wendell/Nanette Doolittle
Wendy Hutchings
Werner Mann
Wes Wingett
Wesley Brinkerhoff
Wesley Hickson
Wesley Peacock
Western Wireless
Weston Bar & Grill
Weston Post Office
Wilbur Farrens
Wilfred D Lovejoy Sr
Wilfred Hill
Wilfred Kaup
Wilfred Nobbe
Will Davis
Willard Dummer
Willard Fowler
William B Thornton
William Carter
William J Yeutter
William Lien
William Marr
William Novacek
William R Pickel
William Schroeder
William Smith
William Tjaden
William Wilson
Willie Brown
Wilva Jenkins
Wretha Stouffer
Yolanda Gallop

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