Capital Credits / NNTC Co-op

How it works

Capital Credits – Who is eligible?

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company customers are eligible to become members of our cooperative, including former Clarks Telecommunications Company customers.

CenCom is a subsidiary corporation of Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company. Customers of CenCom are not eligible to join the cooperative at this time.

Capital Credit Q & A

Who do I contact with questions about Capital Credits?

Contact the business office by calling 888.397.4321 during normal business hours (M-F, 8 am – 4:30 pm) or emailing

What are capital credits?

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company is a cooperative, and as a customer you are a member of the cooperative after your membership paperwork is filled out, submitted and approved. The members are allocated the profits of the company each year based on the amount of your patronage for that given year. Capital credits are a significant source of equity for most cooperatives and finance growth and expansion, construction projects, operating requirements, and debt retirement obligations.  Joining the NNTC cooperative does NOT cost anything beyond what you already pay for services.

What is the difference between allocation and distribution?

Allocation is the money added to the capital credit account of customers having active services for a specific year. Allocations generally occur in August and are printed on your September bill for current customers. Distribution is the Board approved payout for a portion or percentage of the allocated capital credits to members and is paid typically in November or December.

Why do allocation amounts vary?

The allocation amount is determined by company profits, which change every year. The allocation is also a direct reflection of the amount you paid for services.

Are capital credit accounts paid out in full when a member moves out of the service area?

No. Complete estate payment occurs only upon the member’s death or through the board approved distribution process. As payment of capital credits continue annually they require a current address, keep Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company informed if you move out of the service area.

What is the policy for returning capital credits to the member once earned?

Capital Credits cannot be cashed in or retired immediately after allocation; they are returned through distribution as financial conditions allow.

How are yearly distribution payments made?

Upon approval of the Board of Directors, qualifying distribution payments of members (including past or present members) service accounts are paid by check.  If a member’s account is past due, those capital credits are first applied to the account.

What happens in case of death?

A representative of the deceased member should fill out the Application for Capital Credits Payment for Deceased Member Form and then contact the business office. For single membership, capital credits are payable to the estate at the time of member death.

How long does it take for payment of an estate?

Once all required documents are received and the Board has approved payout, estate payments are usually processed within 45 days.

What happens if a business dissolves?

Depending on the type of business, and upon Board approval, capital credits can be paid. The member/owner should fill out and mail the Application for Payment of Capital Credits for business owners and submit the proper paperwork stated on the form.

What happens in case of divorce?

Checks are made payable to the person whose name is on the membership account, regardless of who pays the bill.   Joint memberships are split 50/50, unless documented divorce paperwork is submitted.  Members must notify Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company and provide supporting documentation on how to divide the capital credits.

What happens in case of marriage?

If a name change is required due to marriage, please contact the business office.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

When former customers move from the area and do not leave a forwarding address, capital credit distributions are often returned as undeliverable.  Please take the time to see if you are owed outstanding capital credits!

Enter your last name or business name in the “Search” field below to search for any un-cashed capital credit checks. If you are not in the list, you may use the contact form below.

Orozco, Jose SergioDixon/Concord
Joye Schmaltz EstateButte
Anderjaska, GwenJackson/Hubbard
Booth, EdwardWeston/Malmo
Grant, LynardLinwood/Morse Bluff
Phillips, LynnJackson/Hubbard
Long Horn Bar & GrillJackson/Hubbard
Spracklin, SherieJackson/Hubbard
Johnsen, JasonJackson/Hubbard
Janke, RobertWinside
McGoveran, LornaCraig
Innovative Motion SystemsWeston/Malmo
Williams, LynnDixon/Concord
Tjaden, WilliamDixon/Concord
Tjaden, WilliamColeridge
Bellender, SteveDixon/Concord
Chavez, EliseDixon/Concord
Guzman Jr, LorenzoDixon/Concord
Hobby, RickJackson/Hubbard
Tech, Kyle LJackson/Hubbard
Rollins, BrianJackson/Hubbard
Smith, RikClearwater
Alice Funk EstateClearwater
Kleinschmit, KevinClearwater
Godin, AlejandroClearwater
Claussen, PamelaClearwater
Brindisi, SalvatorBartlett
Brindisi, SalvatorBartlett
Thompson, MichaelBartlett
Gambs, BarbaraBartlett
Crook, TheresaWeston/Malmo
Swett, JamesWeston/Malmo
Buckner, Elizabeth SueWeston/Malmo
Livingston, JenniferWeston/Malmo
Everrett, HelenWeston/Malmo
Swartz, RichardWeston/Malmo
Masek, Tim Or StaceyWeston/Malmo
Beyard, JohnPrague
Prochaska, AngiePrague
Sorensen, JustinaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Brown, DanielleLinwood/Morse Bluff
Thomas, BradLinwood/Morse Bluff
Nebraska CellularLinwood/Morse Bluff
Morton, PolliColeridge
Piper, RebeccaColeridge
Orris, RobertColeridge
Anderson, JudithColeridge
Nelson, MelissaColeridge
Hank, CathyColeridge
Clark, GrantColeridge
Davis, JohnColeridge
Fannon, JosephNewcastle
Segura, DebraNewcastle
Vassar, SamCraig
Browder, David MCraig
Kirk, OthoCraig
Schmitt-Nelson, CarrieJackson/Hubbard
Lopez, JuanPrague
Rodriguez, RobertDixon/Concord
Hansen, CandiceMartinsburg
Wiebelhaus, TravisClearwater
Bradish, RaymondJackson/Hubbard
Harvey, Stevie Or JuliColeridge
Logsdon, Conrad LJackson/Hubbard
Beckwith, DarylJackson/Hubbard
Capron, NathanClearwater
Egr, GeneLinwood/Morse Bluff
Marks, GeorgePrague
Premium PorkClearwater
Premium PorkClearwater
Neil Hipke EstateButte
Hardeman, MarcoDecatur
Palmer, ShellyLinwood/Morse Bluff
Hubbard, GlennAllen
Jenkins, LeeannDixon/Concord
Kidd, ChristopherDixon/Concord
McIntosh, RockneJackson/Hubbard
Bullis, JustinJackson/Hubbard
Hysell, JackJackson/Hubbard
McGowen, MargueriteJackson/Hubbard
Driscoll, HeatherJackson/Hubbard
Jones, RachelNewcastle
Kohring, MichelleJackson/Hubbard
Roth, EvelynClearwater
Brown, James T Or DanaBartlett
Girard, Jeff Or DorothyObert/Maskell
Kapperman, RobynWeston/Malmo
Woita, AnnWeston/Malmo
Weston Bar & GrillWeston/Malmo
Biere, DarylWeston/Malmo
Kadavy, Charles BWeston/Malmo
Deacon, PaulWeston/Malmo
Buskirk, JeremyLinwood/Morse Bluff
McConnell, KellyColeridge
Hohneke, IreneColeridge
Haken, JadeNewcastle
Kunkel, PennyNewcastle
Vitch, Anthony MNewcastle
Akins, ArtieNewcastle
Fite, MattNewcastle
Hatley, GraceLong Pine
Messersmith, BeauLong Pine
Peacock, WesleyLong Pine
Reeves, BettyLong Pine
Jeanie's RestaurantLong Pine
Graves, IreneLong Pine
Hill, J RLong Pine
Crofutt, DeniseLong Pine
Western WirelessLong Pine
Western WirelessStuart
Irons, CarolLong Pine
Hansen, Brian LLong Pine
Arehart, Robert And KathyLong Pine
Hurlbert, KimWinside
Troupe, MarkWinside
Laningham, Timothy VanWinside
Johnson, EricWinside
Mitchell, RickyWinside
Sudbeck, JenniferWinside
Asmus, Doug Or JanWinside
Petersen, AmandaWinside
Bucholz, NormanWinside
Olson-Jones, Mark EWinside
Gallop, YolandaWinside
Rademacher, JaneWinside
Willers, S LouieWinside
Lueker, C AWinside
Peterson, Justin Or TabathaWinside
Clark, KristiDecatur
Beltran, MelvaDecatur
Castle, CaryDecatur
Lovercheck, SteveDecatur
Hall, BradlyDecatur
Saunsoci, CharlesDecatur
Beth Graham EstateDecatur
Graham, TerreeDecatur
Parker, KevinDecatur
Fournier, Janie MDecatur
Mobley, SaraDecatur
Gladys Henneman EstateDecatur
Grant, CaralitaDecatur
Tollefson, L VanBristow
Huggins, MikiNorth Bristow
Nemec Jr, RaySpencer
McCarthy, Patrick And MarySpencer
Lockhart, TonySpencer
Wells, LouiseSpencer
Marx, AdamSpencer
Wheeler, RickSpencer
Mielke, KarlAllen
Ulrich, JonAllen
Nelson, CarrieAllen
Williams, ElayneAllen
Jacobsen, ChristineAllen
Rolfes, CatherineAllen
Magnuson, JohnAllen
Newburn, MelissaWaterbury
Pelley, JuanitaWaterbury
Dulany, NicoleButte
Luebbers, KarenButte
Schryack, DestinyButte
Liewer, RyanClearwater
Claussen, KevinButte
Luber, VernaButte
Runge, Robert MButte
Ida Maertins EstateButte
Country Media IncStuart
McCall, JodyStuart
Sukup, BridgetStuart
Theye, Bruce & JuneStuart
Meusch, Bill & JillStuart
Conard, John DStuart
John Schreck EstateStuart
Lily M Shearer EstateStuart
Olberding, RogerStuart
Beverly Cadwallader EstateStuart
Howard, NancyStuart
Bassett Feeding IncLong Pine
Clark, RossBartlett
Barg, JackieJackson/Hubbard
Schnerre, AnnAllen
Breslin, SelmaNewcastle
Miller, CharlesWeston/Malmo
Community Of ChristClearwater
Bernice Kuchera FamilyLong Pine
Dexter, AceClearwater
Rohde, PamAllen
Dearmont, JedStuart
Marlen French EstateAllen
Marion, M MButte
Kathryn Morrow FamilyDecatur
Genereux, ArtBartlett
Strathman, JulieNewcastle
Lien, WilliamLong Pine
Dowling, MarkDixon/Concord
Bechtloff, LisaJackson/Hubbard
Premium PorkClearwater
Premium PorkClearwater
Wharff, Tom RWeston/Malmo
Grant, Rev LisaColeridge
Glenn, MaryCraig
Ortega, LisaJackson/Hubbard
Juzenas, ChrisBartlett
Nebraska Pork PartnersBartlett
Henrichs, JoelWinside
Hurlbert, GrantWinside
Kaup, AspenStuart
McAllister, CamronSpencer
Montgomery, Brian Or NichiLong Pine
Petrie, Shawn LSpencer
Pfeiffer, Ellen LButte
Vulue, Ray & LeslieLong Pine
Thompson, AnthonyWinside
Nemec, RichardPrague
St John The Baptist ChurchClearwater
Feusse, Rev DanielClearwater
Meduna, RonWeston/Malmo
North Star FarmsColeridge
Ferguson, David JDecatur
Holmberg, Trent And JenniferBristow
Russell, Jerry And KathieDecatur
Crispin, AnaDixon/Concord
Nerem-Lowerny, KristenDixon/Concord
Chavez, Eduardo Or OraliaDixon/Concord
Serven, SharonDixon/Concord
Roth, TrevorJackson/Hubbard
Belles, EricJackson/Hubbard
Dowson, Matt And TiffanyJackson/Hubbard
Provins, JusteneJackson/Hubbard
Dial, MikeJackson/Hubbard
Hansen, Mrs KennethJackson/Hubbard
Rosales, IdaJackson/Hubbard
Pickel, RyanNewcastle
Kuehl, KimJackson/Hubbard
Bauchal, TerryJackson/Hubbard
Clutter, Kevin Or StaceyClearwater
Hernandez, MiguelClearwater
Worm, BradClearwater
Robinson, AprilClearwater
Murray, RussClearwater
Coats, ChrisClearwater
Custom Swine PartnersClearwater
Custom Swine PartnersClearwater
Drudik, LukeClearwater
Mueller, ClayBartlett
Spilger, LyleBristow
Nelson, MarieObert/Maskell
Boggs, Raymond & LeslieObert/Maskell
Hughes, FloraWeston/Malmo
Millar, SusanWeston/Malmo
Damme, Darrell Or AmyWeston/Malmo
Johnson, SuzanPrague
Daugherty, CheriPrague
Harrison, JamesDecatur
Rochford, HughLinwood/Morse Bluff
Casu, Jen Or TonyLinwood/Morse Bluff
Sieburg, RondiColeridge
Delong, BarbaraColeridge
Traxler, AlanColeridge
Broyhill, ShaunColeridge
Lee, FaithColeridge
North Star FarmsColeridge
Dean, Daniel & Tana ClarkNewcastle
Kutilek, AliceNewcastle
Slater, DonNewcastle
Kelm, NormaNewcastle
Cole, ScottNewcastle
Miller F & FNewcastle
Cox, DeniseNewcastle
Merryman, ChrisNewcastle
Whitmore, MildredNewcastle
Lippold, TammyCraig
Cram, HeathCraig
Wallace, PamCraig
Garcia, Maria ACraig
Blattner, Susan Or Russell HolsingLong Pine
Ellis, Sammy Or DonnaLong Pine
Larson, TroyLong Pine
Busch, Ellen ELong Pine
Hill, J RLong Pine
Alltel Communications IncLong Pine
Alltel Communications IncStuart
Long Pine Feed & Grain & IncLong Pine
Stahl, W BWinside
Seevers, TanyaWinside
Kage, DavidWinside
Landanger, DonaWinside
Duncan, EppieWinside
Sterling, Tamara Or Charles PrinceWinside
Masilko, CathyWinside
Hernandez, Mario IDecatur
King, RoyDecatur
Brockway, JamesDecatur
Schild, AshleyDecatur
Grant, Edith LDecatur
Grant, Lorita And RoscoeDecatur
Worley, Gene RDecatur
Hayes, Harold JrDecatur
Tollefson, L VanSpencer
Bacon, RebeccaBristow
Pelc, Howard Or KaySpencer
Parshall, EthelSpencer
Holz ChiropracticSpencer
Adams, BillSpencer
Henzler, BryceSpencer
Hallstrom, CharleneAllen
Rosewall, KenAllen
Ramirez, LouisAllen
Silvestre, VictoriaAllen
Robinson, BobbyWaterbury
Hiatt, VicButte
Barta, AllenButte
Macklin, VondaButte
Frost, Julie AButte
Hipke, KyleStuart
Doolittle, Wendell & NanetteStuart
Moore, OrleaneStuart
Rudolf, Terry RClearwater
Hipke, RussellStuart
Qwest CommunicationsStuart
Terracon EnvironmentalStuart
Horne, RickStuart
Dickau, J C And Tabitha GoodnerStuart
Fundermann, TheodoreAllen
Dasher, RPrague
Mimick, TomSpencer
Beaver Valley IrrigationBartlett
Wegner, JeramieColeridge
Lascala, ChristopherJackson/Hubbard
Whedon, Burt & BeckyLong Pine
Spohn, CarrieLinwood/Morse Bluff
Lundeen, MattWeston/Malmo
Torson, TomJackson/Hubbard
Beckwith, DarylJackson/Hubbard
Hyde, KennethJackson/Hubbard
Banks, Renee Or RickyColeridge
Stewart, Janine And Jerald JrWaterbury
Randall J Woita EstateWeston/Malmo
Hirsch, Rose MPrague
Zeleny, MaryWeston/Malmo
Russman, TylerBartlett
McNear, TomNewcastle
Kelly, Tonya Or JustinAllen
Shoeneman, JoeBartlett
Fujan, HarlowWeston/Malmo
Van Winkle, D JLinwood/Morse Bluff
Burcham, MarieAllen
Thomas, Timothy And LoriAllen
Stange, DonAllen
Timm, TeresaDecatur
Wingett, WesClearwater
Clouse, AshleyClearwater
Nelson, Helen JeanCraig
Brader, Mary LCraig
Heller, TravisDixon/Concord
Fuller, JenniferJackson/Hubbard
Albenesius, MikeJackson/Hubbard
Blatchford, JoelWeston/Malmo
Carlton, SonyaWeston/Malmo
Hermsen, AlanLinwood/Morse Bluff
Lavely, VictoriaDixon/Concord
McCorkindale, David And MeganAllen
Hingst, MichealAllen
Peers, LeannAllen
Hammer, LanaDixon/Concord
Dowling, DiannDixon/Concord
Carter, JamieDixon/Concord
Reitz-Dahlkoetter, JenniferJackson/Hubbard
Puckett, LawrenceJackson/Hubbard
Quality Maintenance IncJackson/Hubbard
Myers, Matthew Or Robert BernerJackson/Hubbard
Spectrasite CommunicationJackson/Hubbard
Smock, Tracy Or Dave SaegerJackson/Hubbard
Bagshaw, HeatherJackson/Hubbard
Corkin, Tracey CJackson/Hubbard
Carrazco, TanyaJackson/Hubbard
McCreary, Brad & MicheleJackson/Hubbard
Becker, GlendaJackson/Hubbard
Boden, Randy LJackson/Hubbard
Mahler, MichaelJackson/Hubbard
Kennedy, JeffJackson/Hubbard
Brewster, JamesJackson/Hubbard
Petersen, JeffJackson/Hubbard
McCullough, JoannJackson/Hubbard
Grell, RandyJackson/Hubbard
Bartolozzi, JackieJackson/Hubbard
Bakker, RebeccaJackson/Hubbard
Viterna, CJackson/Hubbard
Gunderson, BartJackson/Hubbard
Calloway, KevinJackson/Hubbard
Rielly, RaymondMartinsburg
Orr, John EMartinsburg
Williams, TimClearwater
Zarate, SalvadorClearwater
Robinett, LeeannaClearwater
Mueller, ClayClearwater
Hytrek, TrishaClearwater
Davis, DawnClearwater
Kester, JennaeClearwater
Race, DennisJackson/Hubbard
Mohr, GeraldClearwater
Neal, Jessie EClearwater
Smith, AnneClearwater
Echtinaw, AnneClearwater
Behnk, DavidClearwater
Legate, CyrstalJackson/Hubbard
Pofahl, MartinClearwater
Timmerman, TonyClearwater
Flaming, SteveBartlett
Plugge, DonnaBartlett
Green, RickJackson/Hubbard
Rief, DebraJackson/Hubbard
Clark, ChristopherBartlett
Meyer, CodyBartlett
McDermott, StevenBartlett
Hughes, Autumn And ShaneWeston/Malmo
Hawke, AshleyWeston/Malmo
McLain, AprilWeston/Malmo
Allstate InsuranceWeston/Malmo
Hageman, BradPrague
Pestal, Reuben FJackson/Hubbard
Abbott, MikeWeston/Malmo
Abbott, MikeWeston/Malmo
Kubik, JeanetteWeston/Malmo
Vasa, MichaelWeston/Malmo
Vosler, DarbyJackson/Hubbard
Fees, DebraWeston/Malmo
Dome, CleoWeston/Malmo
Dome, CleoWeston/Malmo
Clary, RhodaJackson/Hubbard
K & S Auto Body &TirePrague
Mach, Elmer LPrague
Zwiener, RaymondPrague
Foxworthy, JodiPrague
Hecker, MichaelJackson/Hubbard
Palensky, LorettaJackson/Hubbard
Arps, DeanLinwood/Morse Bluff
Voboril, DianeLinwood/Morse Bluff
Daugherty, JasonLinwood/Morse Bluff
Johnson, Scott And DeborahLinwood/Morse Bluff
Cipriano, RandyLinwood/Morse Bluff
Auto HouseLinwood/Morse Bluff
Kuhn, MarkLinwood/Morse Bluff
Garay, HelgaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Dolezal, KellyJackson/Hubbard
Wolfenden, JimJackson/Hubbard
Stranik, LouisLinwood/Morse Bluff
Hass, LayneLinwood/Morse Bluff
Peters, E OLinwood/Morse Bluff
Mosel, MikeColeridge
Raatz, CoryColeridge
Casey, ConnieColeridge
Farrell, LarryColeridge
New Life AssemblyColeridge
Donaldson, RogerColeridge
Hames, RonaldColeridge
New Life AssemblyColeridge
Maier, StaceyColeridge
Maier, KathlenColeridge
Jordan, JustinColeridge
Hauptmann, DanJackson/Hubbard
Beckenhauer ConstColeridge
Senior Citizen CenterColeridge
Spencer, ShellyJackson/Hubbard
Young, Rusty And KristieNewcastle
Falconer, ChristineNewcastle
Corey, BrianNewcastle
Tott, LeannNewcastle
Rohan, BonnieNewcastle
Bensen, AaronJackson/Hubbard
Caslin, JillNewcastle
Polkinghorn, ChadNewcastle
Heath, RogerNewcastle
Hill, ScottJackson/Hubbard
Puffer, AmyCraig
Uhing, JohnCraig
Cram, HeathJackson/Hubbard
Agland Co-OpCraig
Nelsen, Mark LJackson/Hubbard
Hollmann, NaomiJackson/Hubbard
Whitbeck, TammyCraig
Boschee, VickiJackson/Hubbard
Newburn, FloydCraig
Mitchell, JoeJackson/Hubbard
Potts, Jamie Or DougJackson/Hubbard
Olsen, BryceCraig
Wirges, JosephLong Pine
Bodmer, Rebecca AnnLong Pine
Mueller, DougStuart
Hill, TracyLong Pine
Tenborg, ShannonWinside
Klug, TeresaWinside
Stabler, ScottDecatur
Thompson, WayneDecatur
McCauley, SandyDecatur
Jefferson, DorotheaDecatur
Omaha Tribal Wic ProgramDecatur
Omaha Tribal Wic ProgramDecatur
Omaha Tribal Wic ProgramDecatur
Omaha Tribal Wic ProgramDecatur
Omaha Tribal Wic ProgramDecatur
Phillips, BarbaraDecatur
Tompkins, KrisDecatur
French, PatrickDecatur
Carlson, MakailaSpencer
Klasna, DuaneSpencer
Klasna, HaroldSpencer
Hakl, JudySpencer
Campbell, DustinAllen
Sullivan, BrianAllen
Isom AgAllen
Mitchell, Robert NAllen
Brennan-Marlett, BreanaNewcastle
Barto, PattiButte
Classen, RobertButte
Kocian, DuaneButte
Rodriguez, HectorButte
Weber, TammyStuart
Mueller, DougLong Pine
Nelson, JeffJackson/Hubbard
Kellogg, BettyDecatur
Kelley, AmyBartlett
Joons, RickPrague
Winton, EdJackson/Hubbard
Kamper, KarenColeridge
Manchester Jr, DaleBartlett
Robinson, ScottNewcastle
Ruegge, TamiBartlett
Rezac, LonnieWeston/Malmo
Karch, KimberlyJackson/Hubbard
Coleman, FPrague
McDowell, MandyNewcastle
Hangman, TimNewcastle
Riffey, N LJackson/Hubbard
Farm Bureau Ins ClaimsJackson/Hubbard
Borders, NormanPrague
Gorgen, HollyJackson/Hubbard
K R Klein BuildersCraig
Denton, PattyCraig
Ard, Richard TJackson/Hubbard
Ard, Richard TJackson/Hubbard
Kadavy MasonryPrague
Kadavy Masonry ShopPrague
Brown ConstructionJackson/Hubbard
Lorenzen, MattCraig
Larson, Tammy LClearwater
Robinson, Rhonda LLinwood/Morse Bluff
Armstrong, CaseyNewcastle
Fittro, ChristineJackson/Hubbard
Hilliker, Julie Or ChrisJackson/Hubbard
Saunders, EmilyJackson/Hubbard
Lewon, ChadJackson/Hubbard
Keeley, RichardWeston/Malmo
Goff, RamonaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Uhing, BrianJackson/Hubbard
Roberts, ShannonLinwood/Morse Bluff
Bolling, CurtisClearwater
Cadwallader, AmyDixon/Concord
Guy, MariaJackson/Hubbard
Hays, ConniePrague
Hays, ConnieWeston/Malmo
Weedin, ShirleyWeston/Malmo
Thompson, DolieJackson/Hubbard
Coover, CrisWeston/Malmo
Atkinson, AprilLong Pine
Petersen, JenniferWeston/Malmo
Tchelidze, TeaSpencer
Beck, MistyWinside
Coleman, K Or FPrague
Emmett, RonaldWeston/Malmo
Karmann, LauraJackson/Hubbard
Karmann, LauraAllen
Long, StaceyWeston/Malmo
Statler, LoriJackson/Hubbard
Oslund, GregoryWinside
Cooper Jr, GeorgeDixon/Concord
Cooper Jr, GeorgeJackson/Hubbard
Connealy, MichaelDecatur
Carroll, PollyWeston/Malmo
Walker, IsaacObert/Maskell
Roth, MichaelButte
Friesen, RichardJackson/Hubbard
Krenzer, CharlesLinwood/Morse Bluff
Kester, Patrick And TelaineLong Pine
Worley, SaraJackson/Hubbard
Huck, ErrolJackson/Hubbard
Wilkinson, BudClearwater
Wallitsch, RudyWeston/Malmo
Fertig, LindaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Finkral, ChellieClearwater
Slosser, JeremyWeston/Malmo
Heydon, Dean Or TanyaJackson/Hubbard
Johnson, Ronald Jr And CindySpencer
Northeast CooperativeAllen
Bergman, RhondaPrague
Eckstein, Richard & PamPrague
Maxwell, Richard And MarcyCraig
Sawyers, GregLong Pine
Eltman, FrancisDixon/Concord
Abts, DavidDixon/Concord
Tweedy, CalvinAllen
Ehlers, Melissa And BrandonDixon/Concord
Dortch III, JamesJackson/Hubbard
Martin, DanaJackson/Hubbard
Fuchser, LoriJackson/Hubbard
Francis, RichardJackson/Hubbard
Boyle, RobertaJackson/Hubbard
Sullivan, JeremyAllen
Baird, AllanClearwater
Lecy, Angie And Seth Laura FiscClearwater
Hickman, MatthewClearwater
Henn, KevinClearwater
Andersen, Christie Or MicahClearwater
Kuhl, MichaelClearwater
Brown, James T Or DanaColeridge
Brooks, JohnnyObert/Maskell
Bock, ElizabethObert/Maskell
Hansen, Roger Or KarenWeston/Malmo
Peterson, RolandWeston/Malmo
Knight, ChristinaWeston/Malmo
Donley, LarryColeridge
Frye, MaryWeston/Malmo
Bates, BobbyWeston/Malmo
McCabe, GeraldWeston/Malmo
Reynolds, JeremyWeston/Malmo
Ahlman, DonaldPrague
Avery, James DPrague
Jewell, SonyaPrague
Wilson, Greg Or CrystalPrague
Miller, ChristinaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Rathburn, Josh Or Nicole DirksColeridge
Harpham, Tyler JColeridge
Petersen, LeanayColeridge
Olsen, FranklinColeridge
Kollars, HilariaColeridge
Lewon, Cheryl LNewcastle
McDonald, AngelNewcastle
Fish, CassandraNewcastle
Krajicek, DanNewcastle
Carrasco, PatriciaNewcastle
Hanson, Kevin SNewcastle
Lamuel, JodyCraig
First Natl Bank Of OmahaCraig
Costanzo, TonyCraig
Fitzke, BrentCraig
Hobbs, Jim Or DebbieLong Pine
Jochem Trucking IncLong Pine
Kral, JeremyLong Pine
Obst, BrianLong Pine
Schelkopf, MaryLong Pine
Hines, LauraWinside
Feak, DaleneWinside
Pierce, Crystal Or MichaelWinside
Tonniges, MarkWinside
Liles, Carl Or JulieWinside
Olson, ChristineDecatur
Avery, KanythaDecatur
French, NicoleDecatur
Avery, James DDecatur
Walter, Constance Or Alma ADecatur
Bruegman, PerrySpencer
Mathison, EricSpencer
Mr G'sSpencer
Mr G'sSpencer
Carmichael, Tom And KamieSpencer
Rosewall, KennethAllen
Talavera, VictorAllen
Toot's Pizzaria & ArcadeAllen
Waln, AmberWaterbury
Pelc, JeremyButte
Butterfield, MitchButte
Ammon, OnieStuart
Westerman, E RStuart
Smith, JulieStuart
Elaine Schorn Family Or Margaret OlberdingStuart
Farr, PerriStuart
Sandoval, MariaJackson/Hubbard
Dauel, Justin AWeston/Malmo
Swanson, SheriCraig
Gray, PatrickWinside
Anderson, RyanStuart
Kinkade, MichaelJackson/Hubbard
Nelson, Mark Or TonyaNewcastle
Palmer, Glen CLinwood/Morse Bluff
McCullough, JyllerClearwater
Coca ColaLong Pine
Great Plains Auto & ServiceAllen
Great Plains Auto & ServiceAllen
Rossi, Caroline MSpencer
Vogt, JessicaSpencer
Coca Cola EnterprisesLong Pine
Coca-Cola EnterprisesLong Pine
Coca-Cola EnterprisesLong Pine
Hollenbeck, AmberLong Pine
Griffith, SheilaColeridge
Bray, RogerCraig
Huls, Danny RayJackson/Hubbard
Pick, BrentWinside
Mathison, CurtSpencer
Mathison, CurtSpencer
Gill, RobertJackson/Hubbard
McCain, DarylBartlett
Stec, JoLong Pine
Tippery, PaulDecatur
Kayl, TuckerSpencer
Lanser, ShirleyAllen
Roby, Rose MSpencer
Young, KimberlyDixon/Concord
Scheer, Lee AnnJackson/Hubbard
Adams, RobbieJackson/Hubbard
Perez, MarthaJackson/Hubbard
Sturges, TroyJackson/Hubbard
Cantu, LindaJackson/Hubbard
Gunderson, ThreasaJackson/Hubbard
Hernandez, NormaJackson/Hubbard
Dahl, TerriJackson/Hubbard
O'Neill, SamanthaJackson/Hubbard
Meusch, Bill & JillClearwater
Figueroa, LilianClearwater
Hernandez, LisaClearwater
Mohr, Lee JClearwater
Rivera, Jesus AlbertoBartlett
Anderson, LoreyColeridge
Taylor, Leatha LBartlett
Keltie, ShawnObert/Maskell
Shenk, LarryWeston/Malmo
Hall, DavidWeston/Malmo
Mitchell, PeggyPrague
Tj Brew LLC & Ginger ShenkWeston/Malmo
Vlasak, Deloris JPrague
Dan's CloseoutPrague
Rezac, Florence LPrague
Schulzkup, LindaPrague
Vrba, NancyLinwood/Morse Bluff
Wooldridge, Terry & TeresaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Soulliere, TinaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Smith, Linda KLinwood/Morse Bluff
Vyhlidal, MarcyLinwood/Morse Bluff
Schmidt, JadeLinwood/Morse Bluff
Strivens, KaseyColeridge
Peel, CliffColeridge
Kleinschmit, DottieColeridge
Herrington, DanielNewcastle
Gould, AustinNewcastle
Curry Jr, Dudley And Glenn CurryNewcastle
Walls, MelissaCraig
Booth, Andrew & MegganCraig
Krenz, ClaudiaCraig
Dillon, JustinLong Pine
Shelton, MaxLong Pine
Campbell, DavidLong Pine
Educational Fndtn-Foreign StdyLong Pine
Educational Fndtn-Foreign StdyLong Pine
Lutt, AndyWinside
Schumacher, BenWinside
Swanson, AndrewWinside
Barnhart, SarahWinside
Buss, TrishaWinside
Walker, MissyAllen
McMullin, Leonard LDecatur
Lopez, ElizabethDecatur
Taylor, RebeccaDecatur
Robinson, GenevieveDecatur
Olson, DarrellDecatur
Deemer, JamesDecatur
Walker, Lori SueDecatur
Haun, R. PhilipBristow
Bacon, RebeccaSpencer
Loock, BettySpencer
Nolan, DanSpencer
Fox, BrittannieButte
Brotherton, NinaAllen
Moore Jr, Douglas GAllen
Thompson, BrandonWaterbury
Claussen, KevinButte
Heller, JanelleStuart
Dearmont, BobbiStuart
Garcia, LouisStuart
McCormick, BruceStuart
Wewel, LonnieStuart
U S CellularStuart
U S CellularLong Pine
Sourcegas LLCLong Pine
Callahan, MaryObert/Maskell
Kucera, GaryWeston/Malmo
Brader, Kimberly Or LarryWinside
Lafleur, RosemarieJackson/Hubbard
Mathiason, JayColeridge
Pike, TravisLong Pine
Poppe, SherryCraig
Kelly, Steven & MaryStuart
Irby, EdwardJackson/Hubbard
Miller, BrianWinside
Turpitt, Brian And MaggieWinside
Moran, AraceliDecatur
Wiseley, ChrisButte
Petersen, JenniferPrague
Trail, TomLong Pine
Deman, JoyceDecatur
Corkle, Karen K Or James RStuart
Retzlaff, MarkStuart
Long, ConnieDixon/Concord
Flores, MiguelAllen
Woodhull, AldoDecatur
May, JeremySpencer
Mahurin, AngelaWinside
Larson, KerryLong Pine
Rukas, Steve And SueNewcastle
Bowman, MarlaSpencer
Nancy Gable Revocable TrustLong Pine
Valerie LewisLong Pine
Davis, MelissaWinside
Jensen, AdamAllen
Baalman, LyleButte
Stewart, ColeJackson/Hubbard
Walsh, AndrewJackson/Hubbard
Nelson, DougJackson/Hubbard
Nelson, DougJackson/Hubbard
Bolling, NathanClearwater
Rittscher, JasonClearwater
Pinkelman Radiator & RepairObert/Maskell
Sabatka, DanielleWeston/Malmo
Malousek, AmandaWeston/Malmo
Carlson, DebWeston/Malmo
Hord, DavidWeston/Malmo
Woita, DustinWeston/Malmo
Furrow, ChristyWeston/Malmo
Knepper, CraigPrague
Bechdoldt, MarkPrague
Kaspar, LindaPrague
Cooper, AmandaPrague
Zakovec, FrancisLinwood/Morse Bluff
Widick, Milton And RobinLinwood/Morse Bluff
Heydon, DeanColeridge
Dendinger, TerryColeridge
Rohan, PatrickNewcastle
Hurrell, ChadCraig
Mauch, ShellyLong Pine
Triple R Trucking LLCDecatur
Frerichs, Rebecca & SteveWaterbury
Herley, WayneStuart
Olberding Tree ServiceStuart
Stout, Robert & HeatherStuart
Johnson, SashaAllen
Smaus, MattPrague
Grant, Lowell JDecatur
Knepper, LesButte
Roberts, JoshLong Pine
Brown, KayleenDecatur
Thomas, LisaWeston/Malmo
Keiser, Darren & JeniferLinwood/Morse Bluff
Shamburg, DanCraig
Costanzo, LeoDecatur
Ronnfeldt, Scott & TinaDecatur
Hingst, DerekAllen
Cook, GarrettWinside
Jo AndersonDixon/Concord
Woodward, JakeDixon/Concord
Schmidt, NickBartlett
Sladek, Alan & TheresaLong Pine
Stolpe , MickaelaNewcastle
St Mary's Parish CenterJackson/Hubbard
Oswald, Michael And DeniseDixon/Concord
Phipps, DebDixon/Concord
Wilson, JeriJackson/Hubbard
Pearson, Drew And AmyJackson/Hubbard
Pace, TreyJackson/Hubbard
A & A Sand & Excavating IncJackson/Hubbard
Viola, Rev Jose Ma LJackson/Hubbard
Zarate, ElviraClearwater
Bolling, NathanClearwater
Lewis, BenitaClearwater
Grimes, VickiClearwater
Goedeke, Michael And TeresaClearwater
Michael, Or Teresa GoedekeClearwater
McKillip, PeggyClearwater
Kruger, AaronClearwater
Spud Trucking LLCClearwater
Gillette, WilliamClearwater
Wagner, BryanBartlett
Finishing Touch Beauty SalonBartlett
Buckles, L JBartlett
Janzen, CinthiaWeston/Malmo
Fremont First Central Federal Credit UnionWeston/Malmo
Payton, ToniPrague
Fremont First Central Federal Credit UnionWeston/Malmo
Fremont First Central Federal Credit UnionWeston/Malmo
3D DesignsPrague
McDowell, RenaeLinwood/Morse Bluff
Militti, MichelleLinwood/Morse Bluff
Britt, StephenLinwood/Morse Bluff
Griffin, BernardNewcastle
Central States Scrap Recycling IncColeridge
Swett, MarvelLong Pine
Taylor, Todd And JulieLong Pine
Koch, ThomasWinside
Ober, ElizabethWinside
Paukei, LisaDecatur
Bruegman, PerrySpencer
Cizek, TerrySpencer
Drueke, Craig And William DruekeSpencer
Sis, Shannon C And Shannon LStuart
Chapman, AlanAllen
O'Bryan, BrodyButte
Wahl, VivianButte
Rountree, Donnie WStuart
Garwood, DylanButte
Milligen, MarthaStuart
Beezer, Tom And JoleneWinside
Scarlett, Kody And ShannonBartlett
Cox, Robert Or JudyButte
Chelberg, PhyllisLinwood/Morse Bluff
Friedrich, GudrunSpencer
Schmidt, QuincyLinwood/Morse Bluff
Neiman, DwightButte
Thies, GilbertWinside
Miller, DonSpencer
Dexter, AceBartlett
Simonsen, LisaDecatur
Lilee Louise BoutiqueSpencer
Martinson, RandyNewcastle
Hirchert, Bonnie & VickieColeridge
Welton, EchoLong Pine
Greenfield, Robert And DorisStuart
Hurd, Margie & AllanDecatur
Monasterio, Gabriel & JackieLong Pine
Dawdy, PeggyMartinsburg
Lawrence, GeorgiaPrague
Andy's Sweet ToothJackson/Hubbard
Olsen, MelenyNewcastle
Strategic Construction Solution'sAllen
Peterson, Brian MWeston/Malmo
Hughes, Dennis & ZuzannaClearwater
Walton, JakeClearwater
Benson, JoshDecatur
Rezac, Sharon & NathanWeston/Malmo
Strong, Jacob & Kelsey BarnhillWeston/Malmo
Miguel, TiagoBartlett
Thorin, DaneeciaBartlett
Forbes, AnthonyAllen
Westerhaus, SusanWinside
Stark, HarveyJackson/Hubbard
Schwindt, AbbeyClearwater
Geelan, AlishaPrague
Veskrna, Kurtis & Breanna McNeillCraig
Tippery, VernDecatur
Bedolla, LorenzoClearwater
Strong, MackenzieWaterbury
Gingery, BillClearwater
Mikkleson, JanetCraig
Hirschman, DevinDixon/Concord
Scofield, BruceWeston/Malmo
Rasmussen, Petronilla CJackson/Hubbard
Copple, KylePrague
Strohl, SummerLong Pine
Anderson, IonaCraig
Jacob Williams & Abbey LoughmanWeston/Malmo
Reeves, TracyDecatur
Stoltenberg, BryceWinside
Stanchfield, SandyLong Pine
Cornerstone KitchensStuart
Coover, LavenniaDecatur
Navarrette , RachelJackson/Hubbard
Woita, Mary LouWeston/Malmo
Hall, BlaykeNewcastle
Albenesius, MarkJackson/Hubbard
Rager, JudyJackson/Hubbard
Day, ZachLong Pine
Carlson, Dana & DeanDecatur
Swanson, HannahDixon/Concord
Peterson, Richard And TinaDixon/Concord
Nelson, Sasha & PhilipDixon/Concord
Ahlers, Justin And SarahClearwater
Nordhues, MarkBartlett
Stolpe, BradObert/Maskell
Vrana, GeorgeLinwood/Morse Bluff
Wiselka, KarenColeridge
Milander, JeremyColeridge
Westergaard, AmandaCraig
Penny-Weston, BrendaDecatur
Spencer Locker PlantSpencer
Collins, Frank & PennyLong Pine
Babcock, WilliamLong Pine
Rogers, Ralph And MelissaBartlett
Avera Sacred Heart Rual HealthSpencer
BNSF RailwaysWaterbury
Harrell, ArlanSpencer
United Health GroupPrague
Stanek, LoriDecatur
Dexter, AceBartlett
Gurule, ElmerAllen
Brummels, Thomas & StefanieColeridge
Duff, DavidClearwater
Johnson, BrandiJackson/Hubbard
Kelly, William & TiffanyDixon/Concord
Verzani, LindsayMartinsburg
Anastasi, Wendy General DClearwater
Hemenway, TimClearwater
Collins, Shane And ShaynaClearwater
Jacobsen, RaymondWinside
Stanek, Bradley JoePrague
Nice, ScottPrague
Pospisil, Charles And GloriaLinwood/Morse Bluff
Ganskow, RyanLinwood/Morse Bluff
Vaccaro, Jack JLinwood/Morse Bluff
Fauss, Rayme And ShellyLinwood/Morse Bluff
Nielsen, DawnaColeridge
Avery, DawnColeridge
Garthoff, Jared & BrittanyColeridge
Stegemann, LeeNewcastle
Guidroz, CandaceCraig
Miller, TeresaLong Pine
Strong, JeremyWinside
Liska, McKenzieWinside
Parker, AleneDecatur
Storm, Kellene JDecatur
Morrow, CarolynDecatur
Armendariz, LettyAllen
Lockmon, Bob & NancyStuart
Timmerman, Albert JStuart
Hoefer, LauranStuart
Qwest CommunicationsStuart
Cornerstone BankWeston/Malmo
Konken, ArlisColeridge
Lewis, SarahClearwater
McNeill, EdCraig
Dawkins, Robert And JessicaWinside
Blair, Eunice And PauletteSpencer
Naig Sr, JoshuaJackson/Hubbard
Ellermeier, Joel And SharonSpencer
Burt, RobertWeston/Malmo
Millrons, KasandraDecatur
Robinson, Lou And RebeccaJackson/Hubbard
Bathke, ZachAllen
Coleridge Family ChurchColeridge
Wolff, JenniferMartinsburg
Fulkerth, TylerJackson/Hubbard
Braniff, MichaelCraig
Matt's MotorsDixon/Concord
Kellner, Philip JWeston/Malmo
Enel Green Power North AmericaAllen
Quamme, MichaelAllen
Little Red BarnColeridge
Ford, DouglasWeston/Malmo
Jochem, GaleNewcastle
Kiewit Infrastructure Co.Butte
Janke, NathanWinside
Knight, KimCraig
Logue, Curtis JAllen
Johnson, AmyDixon/Concord
Tippery, ElmerDecatur
Kochenash, Kerry Or KenJackson/Hubbard
Lyons, DonnaLong Pine
Voecks, LoisWinside
Frese, RamonaDecatur
Stappert, ClaudetteColeridge
Jennae Marie KesterClearwater
Dowling, MarkObert/Maskell
Asbra, DavidJackson/Hubbard
Kafton, Amanda & EricJackson/Hubbard
Victor BecerraJackson/Hubbard
Nelson, AaronJackson/Hubbard
Funk, BrandonClearwater
Pesek, Jennifer & LukeWeston/Malmo
Jelinek, BernieWeston/Malmo
Sheila ZavodnyWeston/Malmo
Swartz, GarlandPrague
Stinnette, ChrisPrague
Morgan, Ken & MarleneLinwood/Morse Bluff
Goff, Clifton & Lacey CoufalLinwood/Morse Bluff
Brodersen, DennisColeridge
Curry, JaredNewcastle
Johnson, AdamCraig
Hargens, ArleneSpencer
Stapleton, GregAllen
Schryack, RhondaButte
Church, GeraldClarks
Owens, RichardClarks
Church, Carl & MaryClarks
Beck, JamesClarks
Wostrel, Nathan & MeganClarks
Huston, ChrisClarks
Timoney, KevinUlysses
Fritz, JeremiahStaplehurst
Stutzman, HeatherStaplehurst
Rech, Dwayne & SheriStaplehurst
Baack, EricStaplehurst
Sheehan, Mike & LoriStaplehurst
Propst-Scholl, JosieStaplehurst
Klement, John & AnitaUlysses
Dush, BradClarks
Smidt, Andrew & KaylaLong Pine
Fritz, JasonClarks
Chavez, Laura MClarks
Landgren, MarkBartlett
Stubbert, Lyle & PattyUlysses
Morris, EricWinside
Lesiak, TimClarks
Stull, James & TricaiStaplehurst
Klute, KimClarks
Patocka, RodPrague
Dreeszen, Justin & KristinJackson/Hubbard
Schoenherr, Linsee & TravisLinwood/Morse Bluff
Nantkes, Ross & JenniferStaplehurst
Nelson, TravisBartlett
Clarks Cafe And LoungeClarks
Rickards, AlanMartinsburg
Heads To Tails Pet GroomingWinside
Dollar GeneralSpencer
Walker, Jake And TaylorLinwood/Morse Bluff
Plum Creek Wind, LLCWinside
Fisher, MarkSpencer
Skiermont, AdamClarks
Teeter, BrianLinwood/Morse Bluff
Langseth, JeffAllen
Johnson, MarcLinwood/Morse Bluff
Gill, GregoryJackson/Hubbard
Cooper, JamesDixon/Concord
Fowler, Joshua & RebeccaJackson/Hubbard
First Community BankJackson/Hubbard
Nice, Robert BWeston/Malmo
Pacula, LarryWeston/Malmo
Knox, KennethColeridge
Lewis, ThomasJackson/Hubbard
Berg, ChanceCraig
Novak, Jason & MichelleCraig
Smith, Michael LCraig
Calif, Betty J And Eugene HLong Pine
Wibbels, Cole And MelissaLong Pine
McCloud, SadieWinside
Lyons, KennethDecatur
Allen, NyalBristow
Rumpel, Eric And ElsaSpencer
Fischer, AnnieStuart
Lee Enterprises IncStuart
Kubik, CurtisStuart
Fessler, JeffStuart
Dobrovolny, HaroldStuart
Morris, AshleyClarks
Gonzalez, SergioWeston/Malmo
Lopez, MollyPrague
Schweers, DanNewcastle
Hager, JerryUlysses
Marshall, Shyanne And Danielle BrownWeston/Malmo
Smith, MarkWinside
Henry, RonaldClearwater
Darnell, Donald And PatriciaPrague
Hendren, SheilaDixon/Concord
Suckstorf, Brett And ErinWinside
Cornwall, Ryan And HeatherLinwood/Morse Bluff
Lavelle, Elizabeth & JasonNewcastle
Julie LandgrenBartlett
Allen, Shane And JanineColeridge
Soukup, BobbiSpencer
Davis, Penny And LelandSpencer
Hubbard, Darcie And SteveLinwood/Morse Bluff
Gannon, AmeliaWeston/Malmo
Shoff, Michael & ChrisSpencer
Baxter, CharlesDecatur
Uecker, SheenaBartlett
Sikyang, LuisAllen
Franke, DavidMartinsburg
Beck, Larhue DClarks
Mitchell SamanthaAllen
Arens, BradLong Pine
Demadrid, Israel & PatriciaAllen
Shane DeibertClarks
Larsen, PatriciaDecatur
Godoy, AldoUlysses
Watkins, KennethJackson/Hubbard
Springer, Tim & JacqueDecatur
Brown, JohnnyLong Pine
Ruegg, DouglasStaplehurst
Smith, JordanClarks
Lucas, EndreWeston/Malmo
Hoops, MaggieDecatur
Sholes, ChanceSpencer
Arnold, JefferyStaplehurst
Sprague, JustinBartlett
Jessica HorsleyColeridge
Petersen, GarrettJackson/Hubbard
Freeman's CornerJackson/Hubbard
Bellingtier, GradyClearwater
Rieger, ChristineDecatur
Bossow, JensJackson/Hubbard
Olsen, AaronColeridge
Odvody, Dan And Tara ZimmerPrague
Billlings, Lanny & SharonLong Pine
Blohm, RobertDixon/Concord
Komvongsa, Niky & Amanda HelmbrechtJackson/Hubbard
Heald, Chuck And StacyJackson/Hubbard
Grant, Donald & JulieJackson/Hubbard
Mattson, JacobJackson/Hubbard
Smith, RyanWeston/Malmo
Naber, Sarah & ChrisPrague
Sloup, RyanPrague
Peterson, Patrick & JillColeridge
Reimert, Rose & Bill ErnstObert/Maskell
Hollenbeck CraigLong Pine
Wylie, MistyWinside
Sadil, Gary LDecatur
Conklin, KentSpencer
Fernau, AutumnButte
Garwood, Russell & LouiseButte
Zeisler, Richard L And Sheryl JButte
Bartlett, Paul & BarbaraClarks
Cornerstone BankClearwater
Cornerstone BankBartlett
Cornerstone Bank & Loan Production OfficeBartlett
Egeland, Dan & PatsyClarks
Rech, DaveUlysses
Hayek, LoisUlysses
Klintworth, Mitch & PriscillaStaplehurst
Harman, RichardStaplehurst
Rech, ElliotUlysses
Lloyd, CynthiaPrague
Fleischman, MichaelDecatur
Downing, Anna & BradUlysses
Wiechelman, IrleneColeridge
Bohuslavsky, Bruce & BrendaUlysses
Wells, Kathy And CarlieBartlett
Kvols, Jason & KathrynNewcastle
Read, David & LisaLinwood/Morse Bluff
McCarteney, HoldenUlysses
Patrick, ZaneBartlett
Buresh, TysonUlysses
Gilg, Greg & JulieLong Pine
Palmer, CandiceLinwood/Morse Bluff
Lavender, DebbieDixon/Concord
Jamison Lehl & Tyffani ThiesWeston/Malmo
Miller, MorganClarks
McClellan, JeremiahSpencer
Haynes, Dan & Rose MarieWinside
Beatty, Darien & Alyssa StitesDecatur
Gill, Joseph And MillieJackson/Hubbard
Cole, PaigeWinside
Koester, BrettAllen
Allen Housing AuthorityAllen
Hrdlicka, SamanthaPrague
Johnston, LinneaColeridge
Yungdahl, Elliot & MarshaClarks
Cuda, JesseUlysses
Wimer, JenaleeWeston/Malmo
Winnebago Tribe Of NebraskaAllen
Jacobsen, ShelbyAllen
Adams, LeightonButte
Webster, ShenoahDecatur
Polanco , BriandaWaterbury
Butch's Propane LLC.Obert/Maskell
Nelson, Kali And GeoffreyJackson/Hubbard
Wagner, JadonWinside
Kremlacek, PaulPrague
Lawyer, MattDixon/Concord
Blohm, BrentDixon/Concord
Burke, MarkAllen
Anderson, Ron And DianaColeridge
G & G Inc ShopJackson/Hubbard
Meyer, MichaelJackson/Hubbard
Gill, Joseph EJackson/Hubbard
Sullivan, PatrickJackson/Hubbard
Grant, JulieJackson/Hubbard
Hassler, Dejah And ScottJackson/Hubbard
Pokorny, AustinClearwater
Moser, RaymondClearwater
Drudik, Mary LClearwater
Kennel, Martin Or LindaBartlett
Guggenmos, Tony And KellyBartlett
Hegge, CloieObert/Maskell
Woita, DaleWeston/Malmo
Pacula, DorothyWeston/Malmo
Wonka, GregWeston/Malmo
JTS ExpressWeston/Malmo
Larsen, Marcella And Jay LaursenPrague
Sedlacek, RaymondPrague
Kiefer, Jacob & JenniferLinwood/Morse Bluff
Stewart, JimLinwood/Morse Bluff
Frauendorfer, Jennifer And JerryLinwood/Morse Bluff
Sass, AdamDecatur
Vosler Jr ., DurwardLinwood/Morse Bluff
Blare, Crystal & CullyColeridge
Hines, RobertColeridge
Benoit, KeithColeridge
Emanuel, MichaelColeridge
Ravenscroft, Amy RColeridge
Walker, BrandyColeridge
Miille & SonsNewcastle
Madison, Jennifer And DannyNewcastle
Larson, TroyLong Pine
Barthel, Dustin And TiffanyLong Pine
Collatos, RachelLong Pine
Guilfoil, James And JohnLong Pine
Wax, Patricia & Chaney, MichaelLong Pine
Frauen, James E And Earline JLong Pine
Warnke, Steve And JaniceLong Pine
Casto, PattiLong Pine
Pierce, StaciWinside
Jonathan EscalanteWinside
Mesteth, KellyWinside
Mitchell, Ricky And MelissaWinside
Fournier, JanieDecatur
Consolidated Protection Services IncDecatur
Bertucci, LamonteDecatur
Grant, EdithDecatur
Tyndall, MaryDecatur
Hammel, Burdell J And MargaretDecatur
Moran, RachaelDecatur
Reiman Jr, KennethBristow
Reiman, KennethButte
Allen, NyalSpencer
Lechtenberg, BillSpencer
Mizner, DiannSpencer
Peterson, Carl TSpencer
Roberts, Dustin Or DarciAllen
Warner, JarretAllen
Leibhart, Leslie And PaulAllen
Harder, Ronald And JaniceAllen
Mitchell, ZachWaterbury
Murphy, Kim And Joseph DoenhoefWaterbury
Russell, Marlene JButte
Norton, Lyle And Jamy ColfackStuart
Dobias, Norlin J And Shirlee AStuart
Nekuda, RichardStuart
Stolpe, SusynJackson/Hubbard
Crop Production ServicesAllen
Larsen, JeffButte
Cindy UthofWaterbury
Koch, Jacob C.Long Pine
Steffen, JaydeeBartlett
Aliant CellularLong Pine
Thompson Seed & PotatoeLong Pine
Peevy, BrittneyJackson/Hubbard
Janssen, DebWinside
McFarland, Stephaine & BrianDecatur
Sutton, CharlesPrague
Ericksen, CaraJackson/Hubbard
Schafer, BrianStuart
Hitchcock, PaigeButte
Mausbach, WilliamWinside
Oldenkamp, Micky & JennaAllen
Johnson, ParkerWinside
Lieber, JodiJackson/Hubbard
Arndt, RogerColeridge
Mizner, MelissaSpencer
Vernon, KelleWinside
Miller, KevinWinside
McKesson, VivianPrague
Bentz, BettyButte
Harrison, PatriciaStuart
Reineke, Bill And LizaBartlett
Crawford, JohnPrague
Berg, LarkColeridge
Beaver, T JWeston/Malmo
Yawn, Dee DeeCraig
Hammond, N MWeston/Malmo
McDermott, Jeff & TonyaWinside
Rawlings, Howard & JeanetteBartlett
Tompkins, CynthiaDecatur
Tucker, JulieStaplehurst
Butts, ChuckColeridge
Buckels, KatieWinside
Franke, JosephMartinsburg
Morris, AmandaBartlett
Richer, CharlesJackson/Hubbard
Ellis, KenJackson/Hubbard
McRoberts, JosieJackson/Hubbard
Robert & Megan GotschallBartlett
O'Connor, ChadWinside
Barnes, Ryan And MariaStuart
Hempel, RichardLong Pine
Mueller, DorisLong Pine
Morris, TylerCraig
Calvert, RaeganBartlett
Bruening, JulieObert/Maskell
Isom, MarkAllen
Gullicksen, JoshAllen
Heffelfinger, BradLinwood/Morse Bluff
Fanning, RossButte
Wolff, JenniferNewcastle
Alberts, LarryLinwood/Morse Bluff
Ken's G W MarketColeridge
Fitzgerald, JennaWinside
Brigance, Annette MStuart
Zeleny Jr, LeonardWeston/Malmo
Striplin, GaryDecatur
Beldin, EricAllen
Consumer CommunicationsPrague
Allen Service CoAllen
Macaluso, MichaelLong Pine
Andrews, Blake & RuthWeston/Malmo
Hubbard, FayAllen
Harwager, TimAllen
Brown, MaryAllen
Masters, CarynJackson/Hubbard
Steager, JimLinwood/Morse Bluff
Finley, ShannonLong Pine
Armstrong, Forrest And NemesiaDixon/Concord
Dobrovolny, Brenda And DavidStuart
Nelson, Paul & EmilyObert/Maskell
Pick, BriceColeridge
Monceaux, MargaretDecatur
Ludvik, JessicaWinside
Marion, M MButte
Cary, JenniferColeridge
Sawle, KatherineLong Pine
McClurg, Danielle And KevinCraig
Gill, RyanJackson/Hubbard
Peltier, LisaDecatur
Beel, TravisClearwater
Lundgren, PamelaClearwater
Harding, Patrick And RylaButte
Kilonzo, MusyokiClearwater
Hassler, Bruce And Lyndsie HallJackson/Hubbard
Dirks, TylerColeridge
Hassler-Blocker, LynnLinwood/Morse Bluff
Burke, SheilaDixon/Concord
Gallop, Warren MWinside
McManigal, Jenty And DebbieDecatur
Lefler, Walter JJackson/Hubbard
Sawyer, DebraLong Pine
Dickau, BeckiStuart
Fannon, JamesNewcastle
McCubbin, MelissaCraig
Wolinski, Michael And LauraBartlett
Smith, Brad And ConnieDixon/Concord
Bruner, NathanLinwood/Morse Bluff
Sandison, RobertJackson/Hubbard
Bauer, James EPrague
Beckstrom, JeffCraig
Logue, Curtis J And CharleneAllen
Gilliam, JeffCraig
Vock, BethColeridge
Babcock, TylerLinwood/Morse Bluff
Russell, DustinMartinsburg
Aken, LaninePrague
Boes, LavonneStuart
Kaiser, JamesColeridge
Martinsen, BrendenWinside
Prochaska, ScottUlysses
Walton, CharlotteObert/Maskell
Martinez Ramirez, Teresa JasminBartlett
Irish, CurtissStuart
Irwin, KarsynLong Pine
Beldin, BrittneyAllen
Biltoft, FrankiLong Pine
Brester, MadisenWinside
Neumayer, WilliamCraig
Spake, Eric And AngelaJackson/Hubbard
Greg Bloom FamilyWeston/Malmo
Sinon, Ray AWeston/Malmo
Jordan, JassonColeridge
Jerome, VictorButte
Otte, JosephWeston/Malmo
Volkert, HunterJackson/Hubbard
Cornerstone BankClearwater
Case, Matt Ribbons & KatieLinwood/Morse Bluff
Murphy, JanetStuart
Klapprodt, DanBartlett
Carr, RichardColeridge
Zimmerman, BruceJackson/Hubbard
Morris, MaryDecatur
Folkers, NikoleColeridge
Healy, Bret And SarahWinside
Breiner, BeckyBristow
Grovogel, Carl And SusanAllen
Barlow, BettyCraig
French, Nichole ADecatur
Elliott, TomLinwood/Morse Bluff
Anderson, GrantWeston/Malmo
Torres, Rosa MariaJackson/Hubbard
Offner, AdamWeston/Malmo
Janice Klum FamilySpencer
Nelson, NickLinwood/Morse Bluff
McDermott, Thomas And BrendaWinside
Martin, RickJackson/Hubbard
Witty, JohnCraig
Harding, PatrickButte
Dortch, JamesJackson/Hubbard
Scholl, LeePrague
Bilello, DonnaColeridge
Logue, AmyJackson/Hubbard
Michelle WiigJackson/Hubbard
Rose, ShayneColeridge
Weinrich, MichaelClarks
Becker, JessicaClarks
Stenvers, KristenCraig
Reisdorff, Punky LoukotaBristow
Lich, ChristopherColeridge
Lamprecht, MeganNewcastle
Meduna, Allen And KerylWeston/Malmo

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