COVID-19 Study from Home Discount

Dear NNTC Parent/Guardian,

There are unknowns heading into the 2020/2021 school year in relation to how your student(s) will continue education, whether that be in the classroom, at home or a combination of both due to COVID-19.

NNTC provides internet to families living in more than 40 school districts, K-12.  After speaking with some of those districts, we recognize districts could be closed or open at any given time during the 20/21 school year.  We also recognize individual students may be sent home to learn at any given time.  Because of that, NNTC will provide an internet discount based on the number of school days your student ends up learning from home during the fall semester and then again during the spring semester.  The discount will be 1 GB, per student, per day.  We will apply this to your January 1, 2021 bill (for fall semester) and to your July 1, 2021 bill (for spring semester) based on the number of days your student is taking part in online classroom learning from home.

After you use click the above button, please print it, fill it out and submit to NNTC once you KNOW the number of days between 8/10/20 – 12/16/20 and then between 1/4/21 – 6/1/21 your student will continue education from home.  The form must be signed by an administrator at your student’s school.  You should fill out one form per student.  

ELIGIBITY: This discount is for students in grades K-12 or in college living in a home with NNTC internet.  

The discount will also apply to traditionally at-home schooled students with proper state documentation.  Please use the forms above on the right for traditionally at-home schooled students.  These forms are an online submission.

Feel free to contact NNTC with any questions.

Thank you,

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company Management