Expansions 2

Thank you for your interest in Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company as your Telecommunications Service Provider! We are a LOCAL, ALL FIBER internet, TV and landline phone provider. We’re also a Cooperative, meaning when we make money, you do too.

We invite you to have a fiber line buried up to your home AT NO COST TO YOU, in case you opt to take our service. Studies have shown fiber to the home can increase your home’s value by nearly 5%! You can learn more about the installation process here.  Taking our fiber doesn’t mean you have to sign up for our services. Feel free to browse our website for our prices. Your prices will be the same as the rest of our customers once we’re able to turn on service to your home.

Please fill out the form below to let us know you’d like fiber up to your home! View the Antelope County Expansion Map Here – or – View the Butler County Expansion map here.