Fiber Installation to Your Home

Plowing Fiber

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company (NNTC) will be expanding into several areas in 2023 and 2024! The construction process gives us the opportunity to lay fiber lines about two feet underground, which is normally safe from bad weather. Fiber connected telecommunication services are the fastest and most reliable way to provide services like internet, TV and phone.

As an all-fiber telecommunications provider, we have the right and obligation to bury fiber along roads, in the right of ways, easement areas, ditches, and along sidewalk areas closest to the roads. We do, however, need your permission to bury the fiber in your yard and up to your home.

If you do opt to have NNTC bring fiber to your front door, you’ll want to mark sprinkler systems, dog fences, sump pump lines or any other underground non-utility item. We will work with other utility providers to mark such items as your gas and electric. Please do NOT remove the location flags from the ground once they’re in place by your local utility company.

We do need to dig to bury fiber lines, but it’s done precisely creating a line with a static plow, at a minimal width. The line will be buried through your yard about 12 – 18 inches deep. Click here for an example of what the plow dig looks like afterwards. 

We strongly urge you to sign-up to have us bring fiber right up to your home during the fiber installation process because it’s free during this time. Once the process is complete, we will no longer be providing this service free of charge.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the construction process, please fill out our short form and someone will contact you within 1 business day.