Internet Data Saving Tips

Fiber Fast Internet could require some users to become more conscious of their data consumption. Here is more information on data consumption and tips you may use to help control your data usage.

Understand What Consumes Data

Data usage refers to the amount of internet you use when you’re online uploading and downloading. You’ve also heard the term bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of speed required to upload and download. Fiber Fast Internet from NNTC offers upload and download speeds up to 1,000 mbps or 1 gig.  After the base rate, Fiber Fast Internet charges reflect the amount of internet data you use.

Text content and web browsing consume an almost insignificant amount of data. Picture downloads and uploads also use pennies worth of data.   Playing video games will use less than 1 GB per hour, but the average size of downloading a new game is about 35 GB. Finally, video streaming and downloads normally take the highest amount of data.


Click on each image below for more detailed information regarding data saving tips for each online activity: 

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