Network Engineer Job Opening

Network Engineer

Job Overview:

Are you a motivated team player who likes to design and implement hardware and software programing to meet the growing needs of NNTC’s data network?

Do you like to troubleshoot with customers, maintain network performance, and analyze the network performance as you see fit?

This position could be for you!

Includes an excellent and low-cost benefits program with health, dental and vision insurance, along with a national pension program.  Don’t need insurance? You’ll get a monthly bonus!

About NNTC:

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company (NNTC) is a telephone, internet and television service provider headquartered in Jackson, NE.  NNTC serves 30 communities throughout 24 counties in northeast Nebraska.

Mission Statement:

NNTC exists to provide reliable, efficient Broadband services for our customers.

Vision Statement:

NNTC will be the preferred provider of Broadband services, benefiting the economic and social well-being of our customers and their communities.


  • Will at all times, strive to provide high quality and steadily improving service consistent with sound business practices.
  • As a cooperative, provides service to our customers and allocates margins to the patron pursuant to the by-laws of the company.
  • Recognizes that employees, dedicated and accomplished, are essential to the success of the organization.