NNTC’s response to COVID-19

Our Main Office

Our main office in Jackson has re-opened, Monday through Friday from 8 am – 4:30 pm.  

Entering Homes and Businesses

The nature of the business at Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company (NNTC) requires staff to enter homes and businesses. If you’d like the technician to wear a mask, please let the customer service agent know when service is set-up.

School Discount

When students were sent home in March of 2020 to continue classroom work from home, NNTC offered a student discount on internet.

We will continue a student discount on internet for the 2020/2021 school year.  Click here to learn more about the discount.

Free Wi-Fi available in NNTC Communities

Because internet is critical during this time of a global pandemic, we will offer FREE Wi-Fi hotspots at our central office locations throughout the communities we serve.   Just search NNTC_PandemicFreeWiFi.   This is available for anyone, even non-customers.  All you have to do is be near our central offices at the following locations:

1.) Allen – 212 S. Clark St.
2.) Bartlett – 531 Randolph St.
3.) Bristow – 202 1/2 Park St.
4.) Butte – 610 Wilson St.
5.) Clarks – 106 W. Amity St.
6.) Clearwater – 306 Nebr. St.
7.) Coleridge – 114 N. Main St.
8.) Craig – 196 N. Main St.
9.) Decatur – 430 W. 7th St.
10.) Dixon – 208 3rd St.
11.) Jackson – 116 N. Pigeon St.
12.) Long Pine – 156 W. 4th St.
13.) Martinsburg – 5204 Main St.
14.) Newcastle – 205 Louis St.
15.) Obert – 213 Hwy 12
16.) Prague – 301 W. Center Ave.
17.) Spencer – 107 W. Evans St.
18.) Staplehurst – 222 N. 5th St.
19.) Stuart – 105 E. 2nd St.
20.) Ulysses – 420 C St.
21.) Weston – 350 Elm St.
22.) Winside – 203 Vroman St.

Click Here to see this story on KTIV News 4 out of Sioux City.

Assistance for low-income households

Low-income families may apply for reducded charges through FCC’s Lifeline program. The program aims to help low-income households pay for their telephone and broadband service charges by providing a monthly subsidy.

The FCC also rencently adopted the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program geared towards helping households connect during the pandemic. 

Find out if you qualify for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program by filling out the verifier online.