Support Desk

Support Desk


Our Support Desk is available 24/7/365 for your convenience. We have a team of local support desk representatives that will be happy to assist you. When contacting the Support Desk you will be presented with an option to speak to a technician or to leave a message for the next available technician to return your call. It may be possible all representatives are assisting other customers, and rest assured if you leave a message your call will be returned by the first available Support Desk personnel.

By Phone: 888.397.4321 (toll-free), press 4 

By Chat: Use “Live Chat” Function in the lower right corner of this page

By Email: (This email is only checked during normal business hours)


Forgot Password

If you no longer can get into your email account because you forgot the password, please call us at 888.397.4321 (toll-free), press 1.  You will need to call from the phone number we have on file and you’ll need to verify the address on your account.

Incoming Mail Server

  • Type: POP
  • Server name: 
  • Port:110
  • If you have an option for SSL – you do NOT want that option enabled.
  • Username: your email address – (i.e. – or
  • Password: your password for our service

Outgoing Mail Server

    • Type: SMTP
    • Server Name:
    • Port: 587
    • Security: TLS or Auto. If neither are an option, pick SSL
    • You DO want to select the options that the Outgoing Server requires authentication – or a username and password. Then insert your same username and password used for the incoming server.

    Troubleshoot for Desktop Computers:

    •  If you access your @nntc email account through a client like outlook or windows mail and you can no longer send out emails, you likely need to update your outgoing mail server. Use the same settings listed above under ‘Outgoing Mail Server’. If you need assistance, please contact us at our 24/7 Help Desk.

    Broadband Transmission Lease Rate



    You also have the option to login to view your email on the web from any PC. Simply insert your username and password for our service.


    Email Filtering Service

    Our email filtering service blocks unwanted junk and spam emails, as well as harmful viruses. Login here to review any quarantined email, as well as customize your filters and block or approve senders.