Soldiers' Stories

For the second year in a row, Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company (NNTC) has made a mission to interview veterans on camera and share those interviews online during the month of November to commemorate Veterans Day.

Some stories made the veterans laugh; others brought them to tears. We at NNTC want to showcase veterans, giving them the opportunity to remember what it was like to serve. We also wanted to give veterans a voice to inspire younger generations to recognize the sacrifices made for our freedom. We’re extremely proud of ALL the veterans we interviewed and hope you’ll help us give them the recognition they all deserve.

The following veterans will be featured on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page starting November 1st.

Watch on YouTube:

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Soldiers’ Stories:

  • November 1st – Cheryl Feala (North Bend, NE)
  • November 2nd – Dennis Fujan (Prague, NE)
  • November 3rd – Galen Johnson (Morse Bluff, NE)
  • November 4th – Dale Kinney (North Bend, NE)
  • November 5th – Roger Kirschenman (Decatur, NE)
  • November 6th – Galen Lytle (Long Pine, NE)
  • November 7th – Eugene Minarick (Scribner, NE)
  • November 8th – David Otte (Linwood, NE)
  • November 9th – Rollie Otte (Morse Bluff, NE)* On November 10th, an overall video piece featuring all 18 veterans will be released. The interviews with each individual veteran will start again on November 13th.
  • November 13th – Richard Puckett (Allen, NE)
  • November 14th – Derald Rice (Allen, NE)
  • November 15th – Paul Richards (Decatur, NE)
  • November 16th – Marvin Scholz (Stuart, NE)
  • November 17th – Phyllis Scholz (Stuart, NE)
  • November 18th – Doug Shuster (Morse Bluff, NE)
  • November 19th – Elmer Tippery (Decatur, NE)
  • November 20th – Penny Warren (Decatur, NE)
  • November 21st – Fred Washburn (Allen, NE)


In 2018, NNTC interviewed 23 Nebraska veterans. Those can be viewed here: Soldiers’ Stories


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