Video Conferencing

Video conferencing apps like Zoom Video Communications have grown in popularity, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.  NNTC researched this app and tested it ourselves.   During testing, we stayed on the video conference for nearly 2 hours. We had the host run HD video (the biggest data hog) for an hour to the attendees. Our findings is that the Zoom app uses about 425 MB per hour or .4 GB per hour.  This is the equivalent of 5 cents per hour in data usage when continuously streaming video.

When you’re using apps like Zoom, Teams, Facetime, Skype or Hangouts to video chat or to have a video call with colleagues, usage is around 200 MB per hour or .2 GB per hour.  This is the equivalent of 3 cents per hour.

You do have the option on some video conferencing apps to change the video settings within the app you’re using.  This will help to conserve data.  Those settings can normally be found by clicking video or settings.